Patagonia – Biking the Carretera Austral

On Jan. one, 2015 I flew to Chile to spend 3 moths backpacking and biking through Patagonia in Southern Chile and Argentina with my good friend Melita. We saw a lot of lovely places and done a one thousand mile bicycle tour. This is our story.



  1. good video. I bicycle toured in India. How much did you spend each day in US$$? I am from usa. I would like to ride there in North American winter–october to april if that is possible; I work seasonal in North America summer-winters off. Good idea? Is there many bike tourists? The more bike tourists, the better, as far as Im concerned. Im not really a loner anymore. I like to hang out with other tourists and travelers. I speak a fair bit of Spanish. TIA

  2. hows it going mate. Great video. So how did the logistics with the bikes work? Did you fly in with them or rent some along the way? Where did you leave them when you did multi-day treks, such as a 100km one mentioned in the vid? Cheers

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