Paris , France – A Walking Journey TOUR – High definition 1080P

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Places to see in ( Ancona – Italy ) Ancona is a city on Italy’s Adriatic coast and the funds of the Marche region. It’s known for beach locations, such as Passetto Beach front, and the hilltop Cathedral of San Ciriaco. In the city center, the Fontana del Calamo is a fountain with bronze masks […]



    Paris is charming and stylish but it would be better to live in the small towns away from the milling crowds, pollution and rush that characterise every day life in Paris.

    Videos do not show one the harsh ground realities of a city and one should not form an opinion based on vids.

    The romance soon wears off and one longs for the familiar and comforting.

    Moving to a foreign country to settle down shoukd be an informed choice. Better to rent a place for a year and then decide about making property purchase.

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