[Pagoda One] Introducing Best places to visit in South Africa, America and England Part. 2

Hello! Guys.This is Pagoda One.

In today’s video, we talked about best places to visit in each countries. [South Africa, America and England]

Since there are so many beautiful and amazing places to go in each countries, it must have been so hard for theses guys to choose.

And we would like to hear from you guys where are the best places to visit in your home country via comments 🙂

Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you

American John:
British Sam:
South African Chantelle:


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  1. I really like the way Chantelle portrays South Africa to people all over the world. The beauty our country possesses, the uniqueness of different cultures, and the spirit of ubuntu we have as South Africans and as Africans as well. We actually need people like Chantelle who will represent us to the global community.

    Thank you Chantelle

  2. My family is spread across the US and just decided to vacation in Colorado when covid is over. I told them "I'll add john's recommendations to our list" and they were like "WTF is John"

  3. My senior year in high school, i went to london for the new years day parade with my schools marching band. We went to bath and saw the roman baths. And speaking of public bath houses, the city my mom grew up in and isnt too far from where we live now was known for having sulfur baths. The high school mascot is the battling bathers. They have mostly gone away but there is one place in town that keeps the tradition alive.

  4. Introducing Bath is a really nice choice. The first time I was able to visit the UK, I immediately put Bath on my list and it was such a lovely day! I regretted not spending the night there. The city's charm and beauty exceeded all my expectations 🙂
    (Cambridge was cool too btw). Next time, I'll try going further north and see Lake district too ^^

    John's neck of the woods looked superb! I had no idea such a place existed in Colorado. Playing in the dunes looked fab!!
    Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. I'm from the US, originally Ohio, now living in Montana.

    I strongly recommend New River Gorge/Hawk's Nest State Park in West Virginia; Hocking Hills in Ohio, Glacier National Park and Pine Creek in Montana. I'm kinda biased against Yellowstone because it's mostly in Wyoming, so all the damn tourist money goes to Wyoming instead of Montana (the town I live in is the north gateway into Yellowstone, and a LOT of people going into the park come through my town).

  6. If you come to South Africa a must-visit is the Cradle of Mankind. I remember going there in Primary school and it was so much fun. I just hope they still have that boat ride that takes you through a model of a volcano and iceberg.

  7. Very nice recommendations. The U.S. and U.K. are so diverse I'm glad John and Sam stuck to their home state/country and provided really good suggestions. Great topic!

  8. I didn't know there were dunes out in Colorado; thanks for teaching me something new, John! We have dunes on the west side of Michigan and it sounds like a pretty similar type of thing. Hearing Sam talk about England is sparking a serious case of wanderlust. Maybe one day the trusty passport will be used again….

  9. My state is boring compared to their state and countries. The biggest thing for us is digging for diamonds and hiking in the Ozark Mountains. Their state and countries make me want to go to those places in the video though.

  10. From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and agree most people do visit the city & forget to venture beyond. We have in the outer east about 50mins, the Yarra Valley which is one of our vast wine districts you can take balloon rides, next to that is the Dandenongs – mountains that have quaint shops & cafes (in winter it can snow) with William Ricketts Sanctuary among rainforest that has carvings honouring aboriginals & Puffing Billy (steam train) that meanders through the mountain/forest. Also south east Mornington Peninsula beaches are popular local holiday spot w/soft sand & calm warm waters as most beaches protected within Port Philip Bay (those not fronting oceans), head to Sorrento or Portsea fortress where first shot of WW1 happened. Phillip Island to see the small fairy penguins return from feeding. Wilsons Prom with wildlife of colourful parrots & wombats, walk on Squeaky Beach (actually squeaks under feet). Sovereign Hill is west & a tourist place recreating the colonial experience & the Eureka Stockade. Daylesford Spas & natural Spring Water, Hanging Rock formation (movie made about it). Horse trail rides through Victoria's High Country where bushrangers were north east, along Great Dividing Range & drive south west along Great Ocean Road with 12 apostles rock formation & shipwreck coast, whale watching, stopping at coastal beach surfing towns also Bells Beach -surfing classic. So much.

  11. I’m from France and I visited Lake District in july it was so gorgeous, like all the green everywhere and mountains it was stunning! Nearby you have the city of Carlisle which is also very pleasant to visit, and Scotland isn’t that far.

  12. Oh, my…I was not right in my 99.5% (I think that's what I said) surety of one place you were going to pick, John; I thought for sure you would mention the 14'ers because you have hiked them, how many of them have you done? Yet, the sand dunes are fascinating. And in the spring they have a river running through the base of them from the spring run-off.

  13. I guess its a good thing one cannot post pictures here….I would post the sand dunes and Bishop's Castle near our home in Colorado, along with John's mom and I in Bath last year (awesome place, Sam). I probably could not stop posting pictures, so yes, its a good thing that I can't. Lot's of baby pics of John….

  14. "Persuasion" is one of my favorite Jane Austin novel. So, hearing Sam talk about vacationing in Bath got me a little excited. I really like Beatrix Potter as well which, reminds me of the Lake District. I would love to go

  15. Bath was our absolute favorite place in the UK! We stayed at the Royal Hotel right across from the train station and Tim is just lovely. Beautiful, friendly, and easy to get around. We can't wait to go back.
    Edit* Cardiff, Wales was an unexpected surprise. We had a great time in Wales as well.

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