Paella, sangria, churros: five Spanish foodstuff myths busted! #Spain #travel

Study the do’s and don’ts of consuming in Spain. Paella, sangria, churros and much more – I cover it all!

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Do Spaniards consume sangria? Are churros for dessert? Wherever can I get a good paella (only in Valencia?)? Good thoughts! When tourists strike Spain, they want to try to eat! And damn proper, way too! BUT there is so significantly misunderstanding about how, when and what we Seriously try to eat in this state. Which is why I built this movie in Madrid – to support avert Spain-certain travellers from slipping into normal vacationer gastro-errors. Look at, study and drool!

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Hola! I’m James Blick. Spain is my passion! It is foodstuff, its culture, its background and its folks. And I get a enormous kick out of sharing almost everything I’ve uncovered with website visitors to this state. My mission? To support you have a true, prosperous and scrumptious practical experience in Spain!

I’m from New Zealand and have been dwelling in Madrid due to the fact 2011 (which my Spanish spouse, Yolanda). I’m a co-founder of Devour Excursions, where by we supply award-winning foodstuff & culture excursions in Spain’s most scrumptious locations. I’ve been showcased on the BBC, CBS and Channel four talking about Spain and its foodstuff and I’ve also composed for The Guardian, Sunday Moments, El País and many others about Spain as a culinary location. And lastly, I make these video clips – mainly because it brings about me a good deal of ache to feel that folks are in Spain and obtaining a less-than-authentic practical experience!

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  1. james, they don't have freshly cooked paella because you need like 2 hours to do a proper paella, and in the restaurant business unless you have reservations for a dish like that, you only serve it one day a week and publicise it well, or it will go to the trash making you lose money and time.
    Also, seafood paella is not pure paella.
    Another tip: we buy valencian rice everywhere in spain, it's not a weird delicacy. You can find good paella places anywhere in spain. And you can pair paella with anything, really.
    Also wrong with churros, we like them with sugar, you can ask for sugar if they don't serve them to you with it. And there's a variation of churro called porra, with pastisserie cream or chocolate inside.

  2. You're right about everything mostly. Lot's of dreadfull paella, specially around tourist spots outside of Valencia. For tapas, go to Granada, they are free with every drink and it's where they where invented. But be weary there are more bars than people and lots of them are bad. That's what a tourist culture will do to gastronomy.

  3. I had paella in Spain, but not on the coast. Was very happy. Had it in my own city. It was perhaps more expensive, and was not very happy. It was food, that's all–borderline disgusting! My paella in Spain was delicious!

  4. You're spot on with the churros fresco y chocolate! Go to the café, order your breakfast of Churros fresco y chocolate, avoid the colacao not the same. Thick rich syrupy chocolate, dip those beautiful churros, all while watching the morning hours pass by, delicious! I'll say, totally excited to see Plaza Mayor in the background…mi cuerpo, mi menti, mi corazon tienen conexion con España. Viva la Patria!

  5. I'm with you on that one, real churros dont have anything injected on them! Just plain churros are amazing! That's why we have the chocolate to dip them in. Congrats for the vid, it's one of the more accurate about spanish food I've ever seen on Youtube 🙂

  6. You forgot to mention that (at least in Madrid) paella is usually on the daily menu for lunch on Thursday (nobody really understands why)…and the LEFTOVERS are served as "tapas" on Friday!!! XD So watch out! If you are served a "tapa" of paella on a Friday, what you are actually getting are leftovers from the previous day. But nevermind, the paella they serve on Thursday is not exactly the best one there is….but still is often way better (AND CHEAPER) than the absolute crap they feed you at most tourist restaurants. And yet one more thing: the REAL paella (I mean, the real, real one) is cooked outdoors, in a huge pan on a BONFIRE. Once you've tried that out…you won't ever dare to call anything else "paella" anymore in your life. But I'm afraid that to get this ultimate real thing you have to befriend (or marry) a Valencian.

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