Paddleboarding For The Very first Time // Venice Canals, Venice Beach front, CA

I went paddleboarding for the 1st time in my everyday living at the Venice Canals in Venice Beach front, CA. Paddleboarding was so substantially fun! It was actually relaxing to be able to do it in the lovely Venice Canals.
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With paddleboarding, is it paddleboarding or paddle boarding? Anyway… with paddleboarding you get this surf board seeking detail and you stand or sit on it and use a paddle to manual your way through the drinking water. Paddleboarding for the 1st time through the Venice Canals was a breeze and created it pretty straightforward, relaxing and fun for an individual who has under no circumstances absent paddleboarding before. Venice Beach front is a amazing place to take a look at although in Los Angeles, CA. You have the beach front, you have amazing activities to do, and some very good meals alternatives. In this online video, we got to go to one of my favorite dining places in Los Angeles referred to as Bondi Harvest. It truly is an Australian brunch place in Santa Monica. Would you test paddle boarding?

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Venice Canals
Venice Beach front
Marina Fit And Pleasurable
Bondi Harvest

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  1. Such a relaxing video, Romina! Paddleboarding in the canals of Venice looks fun, fun!! And yes, the Canals like most waterways along the coastline are in the public domain. But I like how those girls were just YOLO-ing like they didnt care when the fake cop showed up! Haha

  2. I'd paddleboard. Looks fun. I'd give most things a try. Why not try something at least once when you have the chance. Later you might regret not doing it. That's funny how one says you can do it and someone else says you can't. So is it cool or not? I don't care either way. I've done some things. Some I would do again. Once I saw this vid I realized that I had seen this area before but don't remember what in. I got three dreams to tell you. Might not be in correct order. Had them Friday night. Looked up a few things that might fit. If you or anyone who reads this wants to chime in and tell me how they interpret the dreams that would be cool. It's still fine if you don't. First I want to mention the clouds I saw in front of the moon last night. All of it had a blue light background which made it cool. When it changed to an orangish light red it didn't look as good. First I saw clouds form an S in front of moon then turn into a 3. Then I saw 3 clouds spread out in front of moon that formed an evil blue looking face of a woman. Either that or she was upset about something. I'm not sure. Then I saw a 2 in front of the moon where the bottom looked like a weird symbol and a little creature. Not sure if any of it means anything but it was cool. Now the dreams not in order that I had them. This guy was supposed to be this guardian to these three women who didn't seem to care what they did or if it hurt anyone. He was trying to teach them to drive at the time. To be more responsible. The three women turned out to be sisters. Driving all over and really fast. Knocking things and people over. The night sky and city lights were blue. He said it was their fate or destiny to learn from him. They weren't listening. I looked it up online and saw something about sisters of fate or destiny. I'm not sure it relates to my dreams. One sister was responsible for new life or something, another for a long a persons life is and the third with where their life went. Something like that. Kinda forgot. Then there was a couple. This man and woman that flew. They were looking for someone. I think to try to stop them from accomplishing something. When they touched people the people would turn to dust. Only after they asked their questions. No matter the answer the people were turned to dust. Then there were some people that were supposed to be cops but were something else. They asked me were my friend was. I think they were trying to help him. They weren't sure if he was a creature like the others or another thing entirely. I stood next to one of the weird police cars. The lead cop asked if I knew how to get a hold of him. I said that I could call. He handed his phone. I called but no answer. We went to his place but found no signs of anything. No struggle. Nothing. There was a note on the bed but I don't know what it said. His place was near these tunnels and a sewage system underground. We followed the tunnels which were actually above ground. Walls on either side of us. You could see the city lights above the walls and night sky. I feel it's the same place that the couple flew through. That those sisters drove their car near the area. I think all three dreams interlock but not sure how. I'm not even sure how to interpret my dreams. If they have any meaning or not. Maybe someday I'll figure it out. Maybe somebody will tell me what they think with the little I was able to tell. Most times we never have the complete dream. I hope you have a great night.

  3. In 98 my friend and I stayed at his uncles house in long beach and we took his sea kayaks through there canals it was so much fun and relieved the stress that I had from work the weeks before. Since then his uncle moved and the house was demolished so many good memories though

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