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Exactly where ended up we?
Linares, Chile

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  1. Jon Gross did you fit all your gear ( including camera gear ) in that backpack? I'm heading out there soon and I need to find a rucksack and I'm not sure how many "litres" would be enough.

  2. Los vengo recién conociendo y me caen súper bien, les deseo un lindo viaje a Magallanes , la patagonia de la región de Aysén también es preciosa, quizás puedan ir más adelante. Saludos que lo pasen chancho y luego nos cuentas 😉

  3. Hey Jon, it is awesome that you care so much about Chile, we are very lucky to have you both here, hope you guys achieve everything you want down here and stay for good… eres un chileno más y de los que cuida su tierra! siempre bienvenido!

  4. I always see U.S people with HUGE shoes (bototos in spanish) in Patagonia and that's a big no-no when you want to walk for miles, and because they are so heavy, they get super tired. Just bring a good pair of trekking/hiking shoes (desirably with goretex or similar). have fun!!!!

  5. excelente viaje el que estas por hacer, la patagonia es un lugar que yo describiria como uno de los mas bellos de nuestro planeta…espero lo paaen muy bien, disfruten mucho y despues nos cue tas como te fue…éxito!

  6. Do not forget medicine, pain killers, antibiotics, band aids and antihistamines and a first aid kit in case of splints, also include 3×3 and 4×4 Telfa gauze pads
    Optional hydrogel dressings, such as Spenco 2nd skin
    Peroxide in a tube
    Wound closure strips (better than butterfly band-aids)
    Tincture of benzoin (spread on the skin to help tape and bandages stick)
    Waterproof cloth tape 1" wide: Also works for fixing tears
    1-1/2 or 2-inch roll of gauze
    Alcohol swabs with Lidocaine
    Dishwashing soap in a little bottle
    10% chlorine (Chlorox) solution in a bottle (also, add to dish rinse water to help prevent diarrhea)
    "Super glue" for skin, sometimes sold as "Second Skin"–good for sealing cuts and building a protective layer on heels to prevent blisters
    Elastic (ACE) bandages
    This doesn't take much space but it is super important.
    Last but not least bring small portable filter for water or Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets.If you can't get these bring a small bottle with concentrated CLOROX (CLORO). A few drops will make the difference between a really good hiking experience and a nightmare
    Have a safe and amazing trip to the end of my beautiful Chile take tons of pictures and videos

  7. Hiking in Patagonia? In my experience your backpack is well prepared, but I want to emphasize a word : SOCKS, a lot of them. And remember the old saying of the people of Patagonia " who hurries is only wasting time "
    Good luck and enjoy a well deserved adventure

  8. Pasarás por Punta Arenas? si es así, te recomiendo que compres en Zona Franca, está hecho para turistas y además es libre de impuestos, por lo que es algo más barato….saludos desde el fin del mundo!

  9. If you are going to torres del paine, your shoes are excelent, maybe a little lightweight would be better but the trail there are rough. Some years ago i walked the w circuit and i use a similar pair of shoes. More lower shoes are hell because you can hurt in the ankles for the irregular trail. Another recomendation, have another backpack, and smaller one, because in some cases you need be super lightweight and you can let your big backpack in camp.

  10. there's tons of corner stores here in San Francisco California, especially by where I live, there's even a walgreens store half a block from where I live. good luck on your trip to Patagonia Tio, hope you have lots of fun an get to discover many things

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