Packing for Patagonia 2019

It’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, which means the leaves are a changin’ down in the Land of Fire. We’re off to Patagonia for a month long adventure joining Brendan Van Son and Thomas Heaton for some epic landscape photography.

Join the journey right here on my channel as I share some behind the scenes from our adventures. It’s sure to be an awesome month in Patagonia and we’re happy to have you on board!!

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  1. Estoy feliz de haberte podido conocer en Punta Arenas. Es inspirador estar junto a ustedes 3 junto a brendan y thomas.
    Les deseo un gran viaje y que disfruten su estadia en mi tierra. Abrazos y estare siguiendo la serie en patagonia
    PD: infaltable el mate che

  2. Excellent video , Greg. I wouldn't have believed that all of that gear would fit into two carry on bags until the time lapse at the end of the video. Nice touch! How do you get everywhere with two large carry on bags? Most airlines only allow one decent size carry on. If you're lucky they'll allow an additional laptop size bag that should 'go under the seat in front of you'… That's my experience flying from the UK anyway… It would be really interesting to see how you guys deal with the increasing airline pressure on cabin luggage. I've recently down-sized from Canon full-frame to Micro 4/3rds because of this for an upcoming trip to the Faroe Islands.

  3. Very impressive packing Greg! Having spent 25 months traveling by bicycle and carrying everything we owned on them, we've become pretty good at packing light too. Nearly everything has multiple uses or it stays home! We are fans of clothing made with Merino Wool. This stuff is amazing and never stinks, dries really fast, and can absorb crazy amount of sweat, unlike most synthetic athletic/outdoor clothing. Enjoy Patagonia and looking forward to the videos. ~Ron

  4. That is quite a lot of gear! Benita is quite a nice name for the new tripod! How have you been liking Benita so far? I'm considering getting one myself as I also like to travel with only carry-on bags. Can't wait to see your upcoming Patagonia content!

  5. not just a B-roll master, but pretty handy with the packing too. Had a great trip Greg. Last years footage was immense so already looking forward to what's to come

  6. Happy trails bud, hope all goes well. That’s a lot of gear to Tetris in those bags. So jealous… maybe I’ll get to do the Bali 2020, fingers crossed. Not done your course yet, it’s YouTube focused and I’m not gonna vlog. I thought it was more generic video course so that was my interest, I’m not a Tuber lol.
    Cheers Jase

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