Get tent here (non-South Africans):

Other great camping gear we Appreciate:
Intex Mattress –
Sleeping bag –
Tenting chairs –

Equipment we use:
Canon G7 x Mark II –
Canon 200D –
DJI Spark –
Manfrotto Traveller –
Manfrotto Monopod –
Canon IXUS 275 –
Yelangu Stabilizer –
Digital camera Light –


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  1. Finally catching up on the camping trip lol! You're so organized! I'm so not a camping type of person, but I'm really looking forward to experiencing it through your vlogs. 😉

  2. You guys are just awesome. Thanks for sharing what you packed. Ye are just so well organised and have everything down to a T! Camping is the best but you really do have to have the weather for it!!! Bit too cold here in Ireland for a while yet before we set up the tent. Great big thumbs up guys 🙂

  3. Aw man I haven't been camping in forever!! Only thing my wife is afraid of snakes and bears so convincing her we would need a wood cabin lol taking the fun out of it.
    Nice advertisement on the van. Very cool guys. Looks like you have EVERYTHING you need. You guys be safe.

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