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Hi everyone! This is the next in my series of college tours. This tour of Trinity College is given by a second year German student called Kirsten. This tour aims to replicate the kind of tour given to prospective applicants on an open day to help you decide whether Trinity College is the college for you. I hope you enjoy it! As always if you have any questions or concerns about anything please comment below. – Molly

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  1. One of the most fascinating things about the University of Oxford – which distinguishes it from its younger sibling in the middle of the Fens – is the wide variety of titles by which the heads of the thirty-eight constituent colleges are known. At Cambridge almost all of the colleges have a Principal but at Oxford this title is used mainly by the newer colleges which were founded in Victorian times for female students. Christ Church – as befits a Cathedral – has a Dean whilst Oriel College has a Provost and New College has a Warden. Lincoln College, because it annexed a neighbouring Parish Church in order to provide a library, has a Rector, whilst Magdalen College, from whose tower the choir sings the Hymnus Eucharisticus at dawn each May Day, has a President. And so it goes on …….

  2. I think I toured Trinity during my London trip. I was able to tour Oxford in the London tour package and that's when I knew I wanted to go! The culture, traditions, and beauty of Oxford and Oxford University are just amazing! I hope to get in during the school year 2022 since I missed the deadline for 2021. So that'll give me enough time to prepare for my SATs and possibly the interview (if I get one) and the ELAT (if I make it to that point).

  3. Hi 🙂 Thank you so much for this!! I was wondering when the new accommodation for first years will be built?? And is the food more expensive than other colleges? Instead of being 'catered', is the system just pay as you go for food?

  4. This is great thank you!! PLEASE could you do Brasenose ? I have an offer from them but I didn't originally apply there (I only had some interviews there) so I don't know much about the college 🙂

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