Outdoors ASMR: The Most Relaxing Visual Tour Of South Africa (Tourist Spots, Landmarks & Monuments)

[ASMR] The Most Relaxing Visual Tour Of South Africa (Tourist Places, Landmarks & Monuments In Eastern Cape)

Tourist attractions/ Landmarks/ Monuments in the Eastern Cape Province

Hello! 👋🏿 ❤️Today I will be walking around East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa & share with you guys some of the tourist attraction sites in and around Quigney and Oxford Street. I will also talk about historical monuments (colonial statues) and the stories behind them.

So, I was simply trying to make a fun video about tourist attraction spots in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa but it somehow ended up being a history lesson about the apartheid era… & I’m now asking myself “how did we get here?” 🧐🤔🥴

I hope you guys will like it & learn more about our history! ❤️

0:00 Eastern Cape tourist attractions & historical sites “monuments”
0:40 East London & it’s History
4:06 German Settlers Memorial in Quigney
13:34 Quigney beach
14:31 East London Aquarium in Quigney
17:33 African Traditional Souvenir Shop in Quigney
21:11 East London’s City Hall in Oxford Street
22:16 Steve Biko Memorial in Oxford Street
25:21 Reverent Dr Walter Benson Rubusana Memorial in Oxford Street
29:28 Outro


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  1. Thank you so much for speaking about the topic of apartheid and colonial monuments in an open and honest way. The whole time watching this I felt that painful pang in my heart, remembering the injustice and brutality of our country's history. You ended off this video with such a powerful and beautiful message, and honestly we're so lucky to have you. Thank you.

  2. My heart sank when you said you couldn't afford to go into the aquarium 🙁 Subscribers, please consider supporting this wonderful creator by clicking "join" under her video and pledging a monthly subscription, or if you can't do that, please consider watching the ads before her videos to help her earn revenue.

  3. Thank you so much Cyve! God bless you. This helped me relax. I'm preparing for my exams, which our education commission suddenly threw at our heads in the midst of the pandemic, since they wanted to be rid of all the responsibility and burden, when we're not even sure what the actual statistics are, since family members of the infected people don't get tested most of the time either because they can't afford it or because they simply think it isn't necessary- (since they've been living with an infected person, and have the same symptoms, so they also must be infected; that is their reasoning) so the figures in our official data are very much lower than what they should be.

    And I know for a fact that we're not going to have proper measures in place for the exams. Please pray for me Cyve.

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