Our Trip To South Africa Was Full Of Bad Luck | James Prime

James Prime shares his “vacation” experience where everything goes wrong…
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This is Why I Left South Africa


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  1. It will take a bit for me to get back on track but thank you so much for sticking around during this trip, while my resources were extremely limited I still got to see most the cool stuff you've been sending to me and I really liked it! By the way we tried to help people in need there and even gave restaurant food to some, I just didn't feel like mentioning it because there's no need to but after rewatching the KFC part I feel like I might've came across a bit too harsh, sorry about that.

  2. I just think you being way over the top, childish, spoilt and I hope you never come to this country again. If you did more research you wouldn't be so unprepared! You the type who would probably moan about your own company!

  3. Nothing that you talked about is 'bad luck'. That is all 'normal' to us – since the new government took over. We include a car-hijacking and a rape in every visit.

  4. 1. can’t confirm what you said 2. internet is cheap. 3. Never got scammed in my 20 times of travelling to SA 4. Airbnb is always a gamble everywhere. 5. you have TO PLAN WHERE YOU GO. You are complaining so fucking much without doing good research.

  5. Firstly change that title dude. This is a massive statement which triggers a lot of South Africans at the moment. A handful of people want to leave South Africa not to the same reasons you are complaining about.

    Secondly when you travel you do your research first. Each and every experience you are describing is a bit exaggerated and honestly placing a bad light on Cape Town. Cape Town is probably the best place to visit in South Africa. We do love tourists and friendly faces, you clearly got the wrong end of the stick. Clearly you've chosen the worst time to visit because we were all suffering from poor internet (which was really because the SEACOM cable was damaged. That doesn't happen often.) You've selected the WORST SPOT to AirBnB in Cape Town, there are TONS of really nice places with way better services. Rule #1 of any city you visit, DO NOT STAY IN THE CITY CENTER… OBVIOUSLY you're going to get harassed and have endless noise and grumpy working class people. Next time stay outside and commute in for the day. Cape Town City Center is not for living, it's where everything comes alive.

    I do fee you should give it another go. Best advice is to head onto Facebook and find all the hotspots with events around where you can meet local people, get to know the real Capetonians and ask for some guidance and recommendations on how to get around. BTW, Lions' head is best to hike just before sunset. You get the best views and kids are already in bed at that time.

    One final tip, every country in the world has different cultures and ways of living. Maybe adjust your expectations a little and try to find the fun in the tings that goes wrong. It's all part of the adventure and makes for good stories. I mean that is the point of traveling and experiencing different countries?

  6. Most of this was in your control, its just from ignorance and lack of research. You can't travel in South Africa or Africa like you travel in Europe or North America. You have to be more careful and do your research. You have to have a local you can trust and who can help you, otherwise you will have these types of experiences. This is just ignorance.

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