Our Spanish Holiday Home Tour | Traveling To Spain, Canary Islands | Work From Vacation | Part 2 #Spain #travel

In this video we will show you our amazing holiday home. This holiday home is located in North part of Tenerife Islands and it’s modern equipped home, so we can easily live here with good wifi to work and cook our delicious food. Outside we are surrounded by banana trees and amazing breathtaking atlantic ocean view. Hope you will like it and do share your feedback.

This amazing holiday home is “Banana Paradise”, and you can book it here:

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  1. First of all, my anticipation became true that your next tour would be Spain out of the options mentioned. A solitary abode to stay with all the amenities and seems ideal for the couple like you to holiday vacation WFH.

  2. Hi Megna, I am from Melbourne and I am really impressed by you guys and Amazing couple. The way you explain your story is very cute. My sister is making videos here in Melbourne as well.. When you guys are coming here to explore Australia….

  3. We are considering Alicante / Murcia / Valencia area of Spain for post retirement. Do you have any plans for covering that part of Spain. If so some insight into Indian community and access to Indian Croceries etc would be very nice to get some information on from your perspective. I find the Condo prices are very attractive compared to US prices and Valebcia is very appealing to me from a warmer climate, very clean and nice. If you plan to covetr taht side will be greatly appreciated. This palce you featured is Ammazing and sure deserves a visit. Thanks for bringing out very Informative and good Videos. Did you rent the car in the Island or drove your rental car from Netherlands and ferry it.

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