Our Germany Trip was WILD! #Germany #travel

THIS IS A THROWBACK TO Episode 35, from October 2018!! Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano are back from their trip to Germany. Chris has had too much coffee and admits to falling off the sweets wagon because of all the German chocolates he ate on the trip!
Yannis and Chris discuss how the trip came at an interesting time as Chris just confirmed from ancestry .com that he is in fact about 40% German!! Chris loves the chocolates but feels that German food is NOT GOOD and that Italian food is the best in the world.
Yannis is a Greek kid and was late to a lot of the tours Chris had organized. The Hyenas go back to discuss their time in Munich and Dresden, Germany. During Chrissy Tours they learned that after the Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler began to gain true power because of his great speaking skills. I mean the kid could sell tickets!! but as we all know he did a lot of not cute stuff. Recounting his time as Führer and the gal of the nazi power, the boys also talk about how cayoote their trip was in Germany.

Tell us your favorite part so we can CLIP IT!!

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  1. My grand father made all the locals get the full VIP tour by gun point. Still proud of him. Got drunk and shot the local preachers hand off with a shotgun “rabbit hunting” back here in the USA years later. He was a bit of a lie detector

  2. Naaaah brotha don’t get it twisted your moms house podcast was doing that 5years ago! But you guys should go on there podcast it’s in your lane and it’s step closer to Joe Rogan because they are best friends…..YAAAAASSSSS!!!

  3. wtf after chris farted while taking after yani was done laughing about it he started inhailing loudly threw his nose smelling the fart. he took atleast 5 loud huffs of it i am speachless O.O

  4. The ending of this podcast was hard to listen to but extremely necessary! I went from laughing about Crissy tits stuffing chocolate graham crackers in his face to complete silence. History Hyenas best podcast out

  5. I did not know that the US went to war with Nazi Germany to save the Jews. I'd always thought that they were forced into it because they got caught with their pants down by Pearl Harbor, but no.

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