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Jumping from diet to diet, trying to figure out why people who give me weight loss advice have fit bodies and I don’t. I also used to believe that in order to look great, you have to work hard, spend 2 hours in the gym 3 times a week, watch every meal I eat and count every calory I consume. And I did that…

Now, looking back, I can’t believe how stupid I was. Even if something has truly worked, I still wouldn’t be able to torture myself for 10 or 20 years! So I decided to dive deep and really discover why I am stuck.

About 6 years ago, I found out about this “Optavia Diet” thing and thought to myself: “Yea, waste of time once again,” but for some reason, I still gave it a try. And it worked like magic! In about 2 months, I lost more than 20 pounds, full of energy, and feeling healthier than ever!

Since then, I have decided to learn everything I could about it and teach others what I’d learned.

Inside this book, I will teach you how to prepare and consume a combination of purchased, homemade “lean and green” meals and processed food — called “fuelings”. With this diet, there is no need for counting calories or carbs.that would allow you to shed fat from your most painful body parts and lose weight in a matter of days. Sounds too good to be true?

Here is just a fraction of what inside:

  • Fundamentals of the Optavia Diet
  • What Optavia Diet is and Why is it so effective for weight loss?
  • A ready-for-you time and money-saving shopping list
  • How to actually lose weight and improve your health while on Optavia Diet?
  • Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes of your everyday eating and weekend enjoyment
  • Some of the best healthy dessert and snack recipes I’ve ever tried. Try them yourself and surprise your friends and family!
  • BONUS !21-day meal plan to keep your fat-burning machine rolling while enjoying your favorite foods!

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