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Hola Motherfactors! ¿Cómo Estás?
In modern movie, we are jet-environment across to Europe all over again, to visit a single of the most well known nations around the world in the continent. Get your sunscreen, brew up some Sangria and grab that flamenco dress, as we study one hundred and one Info about Spain!

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  1. Great vid! As a Spaniard I'm impressed. The Strawberry tree from Madrid is Called a "Madroño" and it exists but does not give the strawberrys you'd think. The fruit just looks like a strawberry but in now way tastes like one.

  2. I have to do my Spanish speaking assessment on New York just so I can work in the fact that the Statue of Liberty is married to the Christopher Columbus statue in Barcelona. I love that fact so much.

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