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A vacation alongside Chile’s Nationwide Route seven, the Carretera Austral, will take us into the spectacular wilderness of Patagonia – a position that a lot of German emigrants chose as their new house virtually a century back.

The Carretera Austral is straddled by mountain ranges, primeval forests, fjords, volcanoes and a enormous ice discipline. It has taken decades to carve its way by the virtually impassable terrain – even now a whole lot of website traffic is forced to just take a detour across the border into Argentina. The armed service dictator Augusto Pinochet built the design of the road a nationwide priority in the seventies, sending hundreds of soldiers to the area to do the job beneath the most adverse ailments. One of the final surviving members of Pinochet’s junta, previous armed service police main Rodolfo Stange, talks about the road’s strategic significance for the routine.
German marine biologist Vreni Häussermann tells us about a disaster in a person of the Patagonian fjords – an event that underlines how economic growth alongside the route has adversely influenced the purely natural environment in southern Chile. On our journey we meet descendants of German emigrants who observed a new house in Patagonia’s remote vastness following the Initial Earth War. An perception into the past and current of this exceptional area.


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  1. Beautiful video. I hired a pick up truck and drove from Santiago all the way down the Carretera Austral a few years ago. It is a long way but incredibly beautiful scenery. Crossed over to Argentina and drove up north. The contrast between the dry Argentinian Patagonia and wet Chilean side is interesting. Both are stunning. It is a wonderful part of the world.

  2. A general that claims to have had no responsibility..
    So he was NOT a general? He was a private?
    How the hell can you lead an army without taking responsibility?

    The stench of bullshit hangs thick around that man.

  3. Beautiful video! We saw Vince flying around the mountain on the day Calbuco erupted! That is near Puerto Montt where the video begins. The mountain is only 28km from my home!

  4. Yes, I am from Chile! I think the Patagonia is a magic and beautiful place. I hope you make a documentary about The Atacama Dessert (specially about the starts and maybe the Alma project, etc), I think it's also a beautiful, out of this world kind of place. Thank you for your work!

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