Okay Now I NEED to Travel to GERMANY!!! AMERICAN REACTS TO The truth about living in Germany #Germany #travel

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  1. Regarding bathrooms, it varies, in shopping centres or train stations they usually have a thing you have to put a euro into, like a gate or machine that will not let you in unless you pay, but things like big churches or cathedrals, small cafes etc, theyll have a person or a table with a plate that gives you the option of paying, either way always pay, its only 50 euro cent or a euro, its nothing and it means they have the funds to clean them, make them nice etc, its worth it 🙂

    Don't bother with public transport apps, very easy to navigate germany very cheap, and if you are there for 4 days, get a pass for 4 days, there are plenty of passes that give you assess to buses, trams, ubahn and sbahn, public transport in germany is the best i the world 🙂

  2. For the question with the public transportation app:
    it depends of what city you are in. For Berlin it is the BVG (Berliner Verkehrbetriebe) and they have a nice app called Jelbi in which you will have your timetables, you can buy tickets with paypal in the app and even use it to get other transportation like ebikes or scooters. So all transportation in one app.
    But not every City or Bundesland has such nice apps. For German intercity transportation you can use the App of the "Bahn" (so Deutsche Bahn). If you want something universal there is the app "Öffi" from Andreas Schildbach. He developed the app to get mostly every european country in it and give you the times from the public transportation system wherever you are.

    OH, and when you want to learn more speaking german, not just understanding, simply speak it. sounds easier as it is, but with every language you want to learn you simply have to speak it, write it, listen to it a lot. Every mistake you make will get you step for step closer to your target of speaking fluid german.
    I would suggest just simply talk german with your community on the discord. Forget about english everywhere you can and get into german step by step.
    You have learned a lot in the last year but i think with that simple trick you could reach your goal earlier than you think.

  3. James, if you are ordering water in a restaurant you will NEVER get tap water until you ask for it explicitly. You will always get bottled water, mostly sparkling but mainly the waiter will ask if you want "Still" oder "Sprudel".
    So its completly normal in germany to pay for that water. You get something in return, they dont want to sell you tap water 🙂

  4. Work during vacation.
    Yes, it happens. A friend of mine had work every vacation. He was sitting with a laptop at the beach and did some work.
    Remote maintaining of servers and such stuff.
    We said to him that he is on vacation and could leave it to his boss. His answer was: "No, I will have much more work when I come back then. He will mess it up."

  5. Public bathrooms.
    You have to pay at moste places.
    You don't have to pay at restaurants when you are a guest there.
    But some are in very crowded areas that some of them make sure that people who are not guest will pay.
    because people will misuse the bathroom as public toilet.
    In some places you have to pay but the will take it off your bill, in some you need the bill to use the bathroom.

  6. I know camembert with jam, but i also know Gouda with fig-mustard. It´s a sweet-spicy mustard. Very delicious on fresh bread (Brötchen :))

    Chocolate is also an interesting thing here. My gf is from the german/czech border. Everyone from germany comes across the border for cheap fuel. And everyone from the czech republic comes over for good chocolate. 😀
    She told me that the czech chocolate is awful.

  7. Paying for restrooms is not spread equally. Public ones that are sprovided by specialized companies like Sanifair or Wall often have rotary sprays/star handles or doors with coin locks. Some malls or even restaurants have a table or at least a plate in front of the restrooms where you leave a "donation" – free-willed or a minimum value displayed. There are a lot places where staff is sitting next to it watching the situation.

    Navigation apps: In Germany almost every transportation provider has its own app. I recomment DB Navigator by Deutsche Bahn/German Railways. But most apps are interoperable to each other. At least this app includes almost all train connections of Europe and in most cases local busses, trams and so on. Apps of local providers are more detailed and help a lot but mostly for commuters. They often show better routes but are limited to their region including neighbouring states/areas and show construction sites and bypasses.

  8. Well we stop at red lights bcs if you go over a red light and get stopped by the police, u gonna get an at least 4 weeks denial on your drivers license… even when youre walking so idk lol

  9. This Salti Drink is Ayran – You can make it (or something like Ayran) by yourself by mixing 50% Dickmilch (Ok Yoghurt in the US) with 50% water add some salt and put it in the Fridge. It is something like an ancient Isotonic Power drink.

  10. DB app Deutsche Bahn works for the most places but you should maybe for example for different citys there are diffrents apps for different citys aswell but i think also just google maps works very good aswell 🙂

  11. Dude!!! Everythig tastes better with cheese! Google the pictures for this: gegrillter käse-schinken sandwich
    It is not only something from Germany, I guess it is well known in all Europe.

  12. Sorry, she is talking absolut bullsh.t. I don´t know from wich city she is talking about but in the cities i have been and were i´m living at, the people are not kind.
    And as for the music. Better listen to an Austrian, Falko.

  13. Its difficult about the public bathrooms, some are by companies than its 50 ct always but sometimes there is an old lady sitting in front of tge bathrooms, which cleans it and somehow expects to give her some change, so i normally give some change because its sad sittibg in front of baths and waiting For money

  14. I use the "DB Navigator" app for public transportation when I want to look up when the "Strassenbahn" or the train comes. When I want to look up a whole route and I don't know how to come to the destination, I use google maps. It has more options.

  15. chocolate is very nice in germany. if you go to a nearby chocolate store you pay a little bit more (2-3€ per bar) but it tastes soo amazing!

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