Oddie goes to France! Antique store check out – castle tour…Small Venice! Component 2

This time we stroll all around the Small Venice of France…Colmar.
(nicely not considerably selection looking at as we could not come across our motor vehicle)
We tour a medieval castle – spot a Scooby Doo van and come across Oddie’s Bistro, the concern also begs to be requested…why do people today don hats indoors?

Castle: Schloss Keyserbourg

Gorgeous town: Riquewihr
Riquewihr is a town on the Alsace Wine Route in jap France. Its cobbled streets are dotted with 50 %-timbered winemakers’ stores and tasting rooms. Wine producing tools and a restored kitchen area are on display screen in the 16th-century Maison de Vigneron. The 1291 Dolder Tower houses the Musée du Dolder, featuring generations-aged weapons. The 14th-century Tour des Voleurs, a previous jail, has torture devices.

Oddie Beau’s ODDNESS City exploration & renowned historical characteristics! classic crime cases & eccentric people today from the previous! …and other bizarre stuff 🙂 ….a dusty retail outlet window, crammed with historic alluring oddities. Once you’ve entered, you are going to never ever want to leave. Good quality above amount.


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  1. This time we walk around the Little Venice of France…Colmar.
    (well not much choice seeing as we couldn't find our car)
    We tour a medieval castle – spot a Scooby Doo van and find Oddie's Bistro, the question also begs to be asked…why do people wear hats indoors?

  2. I love antique stores they bring me back to a certain time. I love to look for tobacco pipes, lighters, firearm related items and military equipment. Thanks for sharing this with us you have a astounding day

  3. Love this. Didn't know that such places existed anymore! This is the kind of place that I would love to visit as a tourist instead of the highly polished modern tourist places with towering modern hotels. (although they can be nice once in a while) Why do you suppose so many places were closed there?. There does seem to be quite a few people around even though it is not the busiest part of the season. In the US most things are corporate owned and they can afford to hire a small staff to work through the slow seasons. Because of globalization the idea of private ownership is becoming a thing of the past. It was a comforting thing to be able to personally know the people who owned establishments. The owners of the corporate structures are somewhere hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

  4. You are hilarious Oddie! I don't think it would be so bad ramming your iphone up someones bum, the worst would be pulling it back out! Would those buildings have been painted bright colors in the olden days, before tourists?

  5. I never comment on videos but I just have to say I watched a few of your videos and I love them and you seem like a such a great person. Can't imagine someone trolling you I don't understand why

  6. Thanks for sharing. We were considering staying in Colmar last Summer, but ended up renting a ski chalet in the French Alps instead. People keep sharing the same photos of Colmar on social media, so we weren't sure if it was really worth visiting. Now I'm certain that we have to make Colmar a destination! We visited Annecy for a day though, that was nice but I agree about visiting in early Fall; July was too crowded and too hot the day we arrived. Kayserberg is also a priority destination!

  7. ObsoleteOddity, thank you so much for this fascinating tour! I really enjoyed it a lot. I have a question about those ovens in the castle. What are they called again?

  8. Mmmm Oddie thats delicious like a "Foret Noire" , very famous around Colmar and the most tasty cake in the world! do you see the manual Coffe mill at 024? i have the same but raw ,older,in cherrytree wood..the canals remind me Venice and Amsterdam too,but far more clean^^and flowers,flowers everywhere!how to say how i love the 1900 style,Art deco,style "Nouille",lol .(."noodle style" was the term used by detractors )…thank you for the fantastic visit ,and for the tickets for free visits ,thats absolutely french,! " why make simple when we can make complicated, such is our motto,lol!Hugs!

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