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Visit Segesta in Sicily | Journey Tutorial | Journey Tips | Tourism Italy

World Tube Journey Tutorial Sicily Shepherd Leisure will take you on a tour of Segesta, which was the political center of the Elymian men and women, situated in the northwestern portion of Sicily. In Sicily we could discover more Greek cities, church buildings, sanctuaries, and theaters remaining intact than in Greece. So, guess there is […]


  1. 3:48 Rothe Erde is Aachen’s Industrial district. The headquarters of the TALBOT Train Manufacturer (Formerly owned by Bombardier) who developed the TALENT trains is located there. Sadly, Bombardier closed TALBOT in 2016, but local investors have reopened TALBOT, which now provides train maintenance and also refurbished the Flixtrain wagons

  2. Is it possible for a passenger traveling alone to book a ticket at the seat that is in the compartment, or are there special rules related to that? Otherwise, there is nothing to say but that the ICE trip is perfect. Thank you for this experience; the video, as per the rule, was done excellently. Thank you!

  3. Hi, so this is the first video I’ve allowed to comment on your channel. It is also the first video I see thanks to the Simply Railway channel. So let me introduce myself: a fanatic of trains since always, I don't like compartments and I love double-deck TGVs. The locomotive of your video is very beautiful just like our TGV. Are you French or English? We see beautiful landscapes, it's good that we are so much in love with the train, I watch a lot of "cab ride" so of cabin trips almost everywhere on Youtube in France. (example: Toulouse-Paris or Lyon-Marseille, I look forward to Marseille-Paris or Roissy).
    Do you work in collaboration with Simply Railway? Thank you for the video.

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