Night Walk at Venice Beach

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  1. Watching this gives me the feeling there are a lot of unhappy souls floating around at venice beach. It's truly death. I never been in the US in my life, but I can see and feel what you guys go through over there. God bless you folks!

  2. I left shortly after the Lafayette Cafe closed, I had lived in the "Jim Morrison Hotel" at 14 Westminster.
    I grew up in and around Venice, it's not what it used to be.
    I left Ca, went to Oregon and open carry is legal, nothing is stolen, I know the local Sheriff by first name, and will never go back to Ca.

  3. I'm a homeless vet camped way up in the mountains and I consider it disrespectful and frankly stupid to step up a tent/open air drug market in front of someone's house or business. I'll shoot straight here, 95% of homeless people are human garbage.

  4. Venice is nasty. Day and night. I live in L.A. and haven't been down there in years. It's open at night now? Nasty. The tables are 6 feet apart as people walk by and breath on your food and you .. yikes.

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