Nescafé Gold Barista Style 180g – £4 @ Waitrose (+Minimum Basket / Delivery Charges Apply) #traveldeals

Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading the virus. It’s important we all shop responsibly, wear a face mask when required and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can read more here about the Coronavirus restrictions (…rus).

Nice coffee

Was £7.65, now £4 until 16/02

Soluble Coffee with Finely Ground Roast Coffee
Be your own barista with this premium instant coffee
Crafted using a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans
A combination of instant and finely ground roasted coffee
Experience a velvety crema with every cup
A full-bodied coffee with an intense aroma

It’s easy to make every coffee-drinking occasion special with this premium blend of instant and finely ground coffee. Experience the deep, rich flavours of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Style and take the time to appreciate life’s small pleasures.

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