National Geographic Documentary – Burj Al Arab 7 Star Resort Building – Engineerings Co

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SAL Shipping: MV Svenja, Transporting Burj Al Arab Terrace

The North Deck: seaside platform modules for Burj Al Arab Lodge January 2016 | Rauma/Finland – Dubai/United Arab Emirates A new milestone project in major lift shipping: SAL transported more than 3500 tons of major cargo from Finland to Dubai. And executed its largest lifts ever. It is the third tallest hotel in the earth, […]

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Getaway vacation online video about vacation spot Nuremberg in Germany. Nuremberg, the ‘secret capital’ of German Franconia.and ‘treasure trove of the German Reich’. The epitome of German romanticism and custom with a prolonged background, but also bitter memories of really modern moments. Of the primary a single hundred and thirty towers of the town wall, […]

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