Natalie Tran in Buenos Aires with Lonely World

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  1. It seems that this girl doesn't know much about the real Buenos Aires. Many wrong comments about the city. Many buildings were built by immigrants from Europe, that is why Avenida de Mayo, for instance, looks like some streets from Spain.

  2. +MandyJuggalette True but the other guy was also right. Many European architects came here to make the majority of the buildings still present in Buenos Aires. I'm not trying to sound fancy or anything, but it's the true, that's why many locals (me included) signed petitions to prevent construction firms from building over those old buildings.

  3. Hey if you are thinking of travelling to Buenos Aires and are interested in an immersion program or taking spanish lessons check out this school: (I am currently an intern there, and can confirm it is a really great place to intern and study!) Road2Argentina

  4. She is just a youtuber making witty, personal remarks as she travels around. She isn't a professional, nor is she trying to make a highly informative video. Chill out, man…

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