My Stop by to Mendoza-Cordoba in Argentina 2005-2006

I designed this video with the YouTube Movie Editor ( Working with MY PHOTOGRAPHIES, that I, Jorge Efrain BRAVO SALGADO Run ten.024.665-1 or CNI 0903SCL000388, born in 1971 in Providencia SANTIAGO de CHILE have took in a travel during 2005-2006! + some paperwork I have in my archives in the place where by I reside NOW that is Apartamento 72 – Edificio MIAMI – 7th floor- 154 Avenida MARINA – VINA DEL MAR 257-1436 – DISTRICTO 14 – V location – CHILE That is a second where by I lookup for a Household. And so I commence to go to Mendoza hunting for a Quiet Tranquil place. I have arrived to VINA del MAR in DECEMBER 2004 the 1st time and the variety of NOISES in chileans towns disturb me, SO I commence to lookup some thing in MENDOZA, due to the fact it is as tranquil as a City I realized following that is San Francisco United states of america.. SO I go there three/four instances crossing by Paso Los Libertadores and previous time returning by Airplane from Plumerillo to Merino Benitez Santiago Airport. This city s alike an outdated Santiago where by persons ARE NOT DROME DRIVED BY NOISES alike it is getting Chile now. Right here in CHILE, where by following quite a few travels outdoors I have returned THEY Chat about the coach they attempt to establish to MENDOZA.. is an thought I WAS DREAMING to when I Continue to be there, due to the fact this city is alike an isolated just one and Buenos Aires have a montrous effect in all towns of Argentina. I have see Mendoza and Cordoba in the inside and Mar Del Plata in the coast, these are peacefuls towns WHEN Buenos Aires I remind only could remain there 48 hours induce I DO NOT Sense Effectively inside of is too Significant.


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