My Solo Trip to Africa: Part II ~ South Africa ~ Zambia ~ Zimbabwe!!!!!

Hey Y’all!!!!

Listed below is everything I use to create my trip!!!

As I have said before, do plenty research! The major international airport is in Cape Town (CPT). Check with the hotel you book with to see if they offer free transportation. If they do not, get shared official transportation (it is cheaper than private service).


South Africa: The hotel that I booked was The Taj, Cape Town. It is a 5 star hotel that is in the heart of the city. It has awesome accommodations and great restaurants inside, so you never have to go outside to get food if you don’t want to.

I used Viator to book my tours while in Cape Town (link listed below). There are so many museums that I wish I had time to visit (if you have time, check out District Six museum, Salve Museum Cape Town, The African Portrait Art Gallery, among many others).


Zambia: The international airport is in Livingstone (LVI). My hotel was Zgoma Zanga lodge and they arranged transportation from the airport. I loved the hotel (staff was so friendly and helpful) and they offered free breakfast as well.

I used Viator for my tour to Mukuni village. I asked the tour guide that lead my village tour if he could arrange my Lion Walk tour, and he did (which was the same price as if was on viator). Once I formed a trusting relationship with him, I hired him to be my personal taxi driver which was very beneficial being a solo traveler. His name was Clifftone (email: He was very nice and honest, he also took me across the boarder to Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe: I landed in Zambia and crossed the border to Zimbabwe. There is an immigration border where you show your visa (that you can purchase online or at the airport) and your passport to cross to either side.

The hotel that I stayed at was Nguni Lodge in Victoria Falls. The hotel was nice, but it had a lot of insects (spiders and bugs)…. sooooo if you are okay with that, book!! lol

The found the Rosa Charity orphanage tour on Viator (called Pay it Forward tour). To donate visit:
I also got the River Boat and Victoria Falls tour on Viator. As y’all can see, I get almost all my tours from viator!!!!

The Devil’s Pool experience, I paid for when I was there through a local travel company. Just FYI, the Devil’s Pool entrance is on the Zambia side….. if I would have known, I would have did the tour while on the Zambia side instead of after I crossed the border.

I flew first class throughout the entire vacation as a gift to myself for working tirelessly as a Registered Nurse. First Class traveling is expensive as hell!!!! But if you can do it, I highly recommend it:)

Tip: when purchasing flights to countries, be sure to NEVER choose a flight with multiple carriers (if one flight gets cancelled or delayed, the other flight/carrier will not honor or accommodate you)!!!!!! In some cases, you have no other choice…. but just keep that in mind.

Tip: I generally only book with 4-5 star hotels. Specifically because they offer comfortable accommodations, security, on-site food, etc. I look for all that in a hotel! Especially traveling solo, choose a hotel that you do not have to leave unless you are touring.

Tip: Viator is absolutely my favorite app when it comes to finding great tours. I ONLY choose tours that have 5 star rating and are valid. Always read the inclusions and exclusions before booking.

I really hope these websites help you. They all can be downloaded as an app! The apps can be used to create trips to anywhere in the world.

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Feel free to reach out to me for questions and information I did not include..
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Blessings to you all!!!


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