Rafikis! Here’s my first vlog on my street trip from Kenya to South Africa. In this vlog we are on a street trip in Tanzania crossing in excess of to Malawi.


_ dodoma vlog
_ iringa vlog
_ mbeya vlog
— tanzania street trip vlog


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Edited on: iMovie
Machines: Canon M50 & GoPro Hero7

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  1. You are not alone , I used to think Dar was TZd's capital till last year then also discovered their swahili is different from ours yet I thought I was very fluent in the language.

  2. Yeahhhh you know girl you inspire me. Nairobi to dar es salaam is 16 hrs
    Namanga boarder immigration takes 2HR if you travel by bus you have to wait for the whole crew to be done. But it's all worth it

  3. This is soooooo Amazing, wish you all the best. Love the car branding, the skies are so blue and lovely. That holiday home looks stunning and calming, love the elephant tee. The roads look so good, wow, I’m super impressed. I always thought Dar was the capital, shocked!!! Love how you explain things so well. Quite interesting how they take speed so seriously. Didn’t even know there were meteorites in Africa, super informative.

  4. Spoiler alert !!!!! All the roads through those countries are incredible . I did this trip in 2018 . Malawi was amazing Particularly the beaches and the sunrises . Zambia was a huge let down mostly just malls in the Capital City . Livingstone was amazing . We did the bungee , Zambezi River Cruise, Victoria Falls were incredible. Botswana we were in Chobe and did a Safari , if you get the chance please do a Safari in Botswana totally different from what we are used to . You will love SA . I fell in love with Cape Town so much to do and see so little time

  5. there shouldn't be a customs process in east africa. we are one on the road to federation. we already have one east african passport, one anthem, a flag, same language etc. i dont know why tanzania are frustrating integration. saying that, tanzania is dope. kenyans steal signs and sell for scrap immediately they are erected

  6. Without being political, I hope our officials are watching and taking a page from TZ. I live in the states and here they use speed guns too. The roads, especially the interstate connecting other neighboring countries or states are well paved and clearly marked!!!!thank you for sharing!

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