My first trip to MUNICH, GERMANY #Germany #travel

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  1. No way…you were in the Petuel park with the slide and I live just 5 minutes away 😀
    Did you guys miss the rotatable screen to look into the tunnel below? It's pretty much just left of the small basketball area

  2. CB, I living in Dallas and we do not get the cold weather like Germany. (Dallas is going to hit about 75 degrees (24 celsius) by mid week.) My family and I stay in Augsburg when we are in Germany. Yes, you must purchase several pairs of Birkenstock sandals while you are living in Germany. Please have your mom shipped you long johns (thermals) to Germany for the cold weather. Uniqlo (name of store) have some great thermals that will keep you warm when you layer your clothes. You are able to look good for your videos and stay warm at the same time. :))

  3. If you wait for good weather to do anything in Germany, you will be waiting a long time 😉 Plus, Birkenstock’s are great. I had to buy them bc I was having trouble with my Achilles heel.

  4. The whole point of Birkenstocks is that they're comfortable. They're not exactly known to be fashionable. Quite the opposite even especially if you wear them with socks. So if you want to do your feet a favor – get them, if you want to be fashionable – stay clear. And never wear Birkenstock sandals with socks. Also – don't forget that we're not used to small talk in Germany. 😉

  5. Much respect for mastering the Vapiano System right away 🙂 I loved the shoe-shopping -advice-part and the Eagles hat, too! 😀
    Birkenstocks: comfy yes, sexy no – calluses and toes… yikes. And whatever you do, don't wear them with socks…

  6. Where the heck have you been? Somewhere in the outskirts near Olympiadorf, but why? Nothing is there. Go visit the Olympia Stadium, the BMW Museum or the Deutsches Museum if the wheather is bad. That should be more fun.

  7. Not so much a problem in this video because you cant be identified in the punishable parts here, but general advice: do NOT touch your camera/phone while you’re driving and then upload that on YouTube. While riding shotgun it’s fine. You just need to find one person who doesnt like your videos and he can report you to the police for that, means you‘ll have to pay a fine and wether there are repeated offenses, you‘ll have your license suspended in germany for a period of time. Proof for that will be your own videos, you cant even deny it

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