My First AMG GT R Roadster ROAD TRIP Starts! 1,000km to Germany #Germany #travel

The journey begins for my AMG GT R Roadster’s first road trip! It’s the perfect Shmeemobile for this kind of journey, and long overdue getting on the roads for a big adventure. Let’s kick off heading all the way to Germany and the Autobahn!

The AMG GT R Roadster joined the Shmeemobiles towards the end of last year with the intention of being a car that could cover many miles across Europe but owing to my extended US trip, up to this point it hasn’t seen much action. However, it’s time now for that to change and to quickly clock in some miles on an adventure to Germany and onwards to Italy, before returning to the Nurburgring!

Day one kicks off with a long slog, starting in London with a spot of sightseeing, before heading down to the Eurotunnel for the crossing to France. Upon arrival on the continent, the weather quickly takes a turn for the worse, making for a very miserable run all the way down South before cutting across and into Germany, ultimately to arrive in the hometown of Mercedes and right beside the facility where this very AMG was assembled!

On arrival, there just so happen to be a few Paganis to check out; including the latest acquisitions by my friend @muc.collector

There’s a long journey ahead of us, and a lot of very exciting content to come, I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:04 Preparation
02:26 Sightseeing London
04:13 Eurotunnel
06:00 France
10:30 Germany
13:57 Arriving at Motorworld
16:15 Pagani Stuttgart
16:44 Garage
18:00 Wrap Up

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  1. It's the maiden voyage for my AMG GT R Roadster! Time to put on some miles with big plans ahead although doesn't seem like the roof will go down much with horrible weather everywhere in Europe at the moment. Unfortunately it does mean a small delay to the Shmuseum given I'm away, but some great videos to come and plenty of new things to see in the meantime. It's exciting to get back on the road, even if it means lots of declarations, documents, tests and an isolation on return. Let's go!

  2. This road trip is a good example of why the SL exists. 11 hours in an SL seat is comforting with hot stone massaging at 200kph on the autobahn ensconced within a hushed serenity top up or down.

  3. Not good there is something wrong maybe but atleast ya in the right place to get it fixed under warranty I just got back from the Netherlands and was the typical weather happy to be back in Asia now.

  4. 1500km or 1000 miles. It's all just them guessing. It was broken in the minute it was offloaded from the boat with all the guys flooring it around. Not to "play" but the faster they go the faster the boat can be unloaded. time is money. I have never done the run in process on any of my cars. From Cheap economy cars to high end sports cars. All of them have had no problems.

  5. Really enjoyed this. Haven't been able to make the same journey from the South East of England to see my folks in Stuttgart since August last year. Strange how you can long for even the horrible and horribly familiar traffic around Stuttgart during these strange times.

  6. Jump down to croatia. You won't be disappointed. Weather is good so are the roads. More and more englishman are going there every year. Just stay close to a coast.

  7. Mercedes’ policy for rims to their amazing cars is just bizarre. They don’t make jus to such amazing machines. They should go above and beyond to come with unique rim designs as other makers do but they don’t. They simply choose to use the same 4, 5 different designs for all cars. Lame ☹️

  8. It is really nice to see you in Germany! I've recognized this place because I live in the near of Böblingen. I'm very often driving passed the Motorword, it's a beautiful place. A little Tip from me, is driving down the Autobahn (A81) in the direction of Singen. There the Tarmec gets better. And if you want to drive the best roads along rhe south West of Germany, i truely recomend the "Schwarzwald Hochstraße" it ist a beautiful road along the Mountains from the Town Freudenstadt to Baden Baden. There you can enjoy the streets and may also meet other drivers which enjoy their Sportscar. That's it for now, I hope you enjoy your time in Germany and i'm sorry for broken English 🙂

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