My Ethiopian Foods Tour Went Mistaken… #Germany #travel

I went to Ethiopia to working experience food stuff and tradition, but my Ethiopian food stuff tour went in a different way than expected.

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Foods is so potent in bringing cultures jointly – some thing I figured out when I lived in China. So let’s travel, eat, cook dinner, and find out from each individual other! I am a filmmaker from Berlin, Germany and make weekly movies about cooking and food stuff tradition.

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  1. i wouldnt take u serious, if u would show the poverty… the most authentic thing you can do, to not "deny" this part of the country u saw, is sitting in front of the camera and telling me about your experience and decision… there is no way u can have aesthetically pleasing imagery and then showing poor peoples homes…
    many youtubers out here make money with "breath-taking" content and then talking about how they just wanted to raise awareness, while in fact all they do is exploiting others peoples misery to make $$$$

  2. Ethiopia Ethiopia is not poor country just managed poorly and it has great history Ethiopia the human being birth place I don’t know why this country back warding also never colonized by whites peoples the victory of black nations Ethiopia will stretch out her hand to God psalm chapter 68 verse 36 . God bless Ethiopia

  3. Poverty in Ethiopia is always in the eyes of the white peoples and media why the hell do you want ETHIOPIAn to cope the life style of western the didn’t complain or ask you to come and talk about there poverty ETHIOPIA are great full for what they have and they don’t want to full anything from western

  4. My brother lives in Ethiopia. He used to live in Addis but now lives in Debra Zeit east of Addis. With the street begging, not being able to speak the language, how you looked etc. unfortunately you had a negative experience. It might have been better to travel with an Ethiopian guide at least initially. As for poverty in various countries I personally know only of rural Guatemala. I've yet to see the slums of Rio, or Calcutta, you name it.

  5. Okay I am going to say it. You went to the worst place in Addis with out a local guide and got your wallet stolen and got it back! ha! that never happened to me and I lived in Addis all my life! you should check with who ever took you there! And you showed the kids screaming "MONEY, MONEY and MONEY"! To a foreigner who took little time to understand the culture you judged to early. like you said you went in a holiday called Timket and its a time to give and share, the kids you saw holding the sticks where celebrating going from home to home giving blessing and receiving any form of gift may it be money, bread, Injera anything the person can offer but hey you only saw a group of kids with sticks coming at you screaming money! FYI TIMKET its not only a traditional holiday but a spiritual one! Let me give you a piece of advise next time you go some where study about the country or if you don't want to just contact a local guide. I will give you this Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world but at least most of us still respect the values and culture of others. I will do you one better come back to Ethiopia and I will show you true Ethiopia the good, bad & Horrible

  6. You showing the poor side of the country you don't show the devoleped Ethiopian cities but remember there is poverty everywhere including Western countries stop that shit bro

  7. I really like your approach to the video! I was just watching another video with a bunch of white torutist who visited Ethiopia and pulled the typical, “Oh look at me, I’m a white person taping the poorest region of the country to portray the painstakingly cringey stereotype of African countries without showing anything good.” On top of that, the torutist included a Shakria song that was catered to South African music in the intro. Like, can they at least learn about the culture before pulling some ignorant shit like that? I also think those torutist were missionaries. It makes absolutely NO sense to send missionaries to Ethiopia. Like, do they not know how Orthodox the entire nation is? If anything, they need to keep their missionary adventures in america where the majority is atheists. I appreciate that you didn’t feed off the bad part of Ethiopia for the sake of views or fulfilling the common stereotype. I also appreciate that you knew about the culture, like how Ethiopians are practically vegan due to the frequent fasting and how there arent any meat factories.. You are a proper traveler, one that travels to explore other cultures without any ulterior motive. It makes my blood boil when I see fake white torutist visiting African countries for the wrong reason. They’re in the wrong territory to be pulling any type of slick racism. But, people like you, people who have a clean heart and view the good in the bad, are rare and wonderful.

  8. Hi 安东! Great video! Unfortunately there are regions and groups of people in this world so brutalized by recent histories that their natures are overshadowed by the desperate conditions they face. I think you did the sensible thing there. I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Munich. Servus!

  9. You should had invest in a belt or neck wallet, less possibility of being mug. Anyway, I am impress, you know Mandarin. Do you speak Cantonese as well? Eventually, the Chinese who stay, with time, one might see Chinese and Ethiopian fusion cuisine, just like in Peru.

  10. It's really good you showed poverty! Authentic to the situation AND for your viewers – it's people's decision if they want to visit Ethiopia for the food – most will be turned off by it but I think for the few who are brave and kind AND foodies – they will def go thanks to your video!!!! I also love Ethiopian food (there's two restaurants close by us :D)

  11. Really appreciate your reflection on the situation. Very honest! The decision to leave the camera in the bag is a really good one, especially for you being a youtuber. It is always a difficult subject. But also seeing you censoring the faces of the chinese gentlemen showed that you show respect to those that you capture on film. Keep up the good work!

  12. Baltimore isn't exactly safe and for the most part I walk around with my camera in a supermarket bag, but it isn't worth risking my safety working on any project that would help out the city. Just lucky enough to get to work in one piece and a few close calls.

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