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Hey Everybody. I had the chance to operate with some remarkable companies and men and women more than the weekend of the Cape City Worldwide Boat Clearly show. I was hosted like a king at Serenity Villa in Camps Bay and provided a motor vehicle by Mercedes Benz with their X Course Start. This video clip is intended to portray the life style Cape City can provide and encourage you to observe the “Cape City Boat Clearly show Video clip” that will be introduced up coming.

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Yacht Sequence introduced on a Tuesday and Thursday (except something goes horribly completely wrong)



  1. NOTE: Changing my posts up for this week ONLY. This was my experience at the Cape Town Boat Show. Would love your support on this video and the one after. Normal "Daily Life Yacht Series" continues NEXT WEEK. Much Love!

  2. Geez Boet, fat question for you …… How much did you score from that publicity stunt? Camps Bay is so out of the South African holiday crowd now and all the way round to Bantry Bay its like $1800 / night : {

  3. Great video and edit once again, looking forward to the yacht show video. Always watch videos of the European shows and interested to see the difference in S. African designs and aspects. Nice looking villa, but couldn't see any grass. Where can you practice cricket?

  4. Dude… I just discovered your channel and watched some videos but the editing quality of this is superb! The other videos are nice too, of course but this is next level.

    And I have a question: What if one of you gets sick during longer trip?

    Edit: Never mind, just found out you already did a video about it 😀

  5. Wow Jared! Fantastic!! The place is beautiful but I just want to say, You have done a outstanding job with this videos production. From start to finish. You've blown me away! You rarely see quality like this on massive channels. Really impressive my friend, Can't wait to see what comes next. All the very best.

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