MSC Cruises Is Offering Healthcare Heroes 50% Off Cruises #traveldeals

To show appreciation to the world’s healthcare heroes, MSC Cruises has launched a new campaign offering healthcare workers and their families some incredible discounts.

The cruise line is offering healthcare workers a special offer of up to 50 per cent off their cruise, which is valid until the end of 2021.

Starting on 31 August 2020, the programme aims to let healthcare workers know that when they’re ready, they can enjoy a much-deserved cruise holiday with their loved ones.

he special; ‘thank you’ discounted cruise fare programme will go on sale on Monday 31 August and will be available on all MSC Cruises sailings of any duration through to the end of 2021.

To take advantage of the special rate, cruises will need to be booked by 30 April 2021. The special fares will result in a discount of up to, or possibly even more than, 50 per cent off the regular cruise rate.

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