Motorcycle Tour 2015 – 125cc England to Spain Episode 1 ‘Paris’ #Spain #vacation

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  1. 60 mph on flat ? is it broke ? .. mine does 75 on flat and 80 mph (or possibly more.. , only goes to 80 on speedo) down hill , and its everyone i know with a Varadero 125

  2. same engine as the honda shadow 125. I've done up to 200km "autostrade" a day (multiple times) with it without any trouble or overheating! Engine just runs cool.

  3. What a fab series of touring videos – and from a young chap travelling on his own and on a 125cc too! Respect! Could you tell me what camera and mic you are using and where you purchased it?

  4. can i suggest that next time you go touring either in the uk or abroad you should use dry sacks for your clothing !!! avoids change of clothes getting wet

  5. Loved this tour young fella, watched a few of your other stuff, doing wheelies at 70+ on a public road with other road users on……….well it's riders like you that get other motorcycle riders a bad name, rant over 😉

  6. I was thinking of doing Spain on a YBR-125 but was sceptical with the engine size and how i'd keep up. After watching this, it's gave me a lot more reassurance! hit me up if anyone fancies this next spring 😀

  7. great vid….you need handlebar muffs on any trip which takes you more than a day travelling…I learned a lot about the way you do your filming….but you really need to think about staying DRY…..

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