Motorcycle Journey CHILE to ARGENTINA – Andes Mountains

Motorcycle journey Chile to Argentina across the amazing Andes Mountains on a Honda Transalp, up switchback heaven Paso Los Libertadores!

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Motorcycle riding compilation of our journey from Chile to Argentina as we journey over the Andes mountains! Lovely times up there on the mountain and the journey receives fun rapidly when the initially bends and twists demonstrate up. Begin on the Transalp in Viña del Mar Chile and we are heading to Mendoza in Argentina over de Paso de los Libertadores over and via the top of the Andes. How many switchbacks on the Libertadores alone? I’ve lost rely. The Cristo Redentor tunnel via the go is at 3200m. On the other side we cross the border and we change from Chile route sixty to Argentina route seven. This new road up the Andes mountain go replaced the old Uspallata go filth road which you can even now acquire in the summer season. Lovely mountain touring and the mountains make this bike vacation worth it. A great deal of other bikes on the road too, in particular from Argentina. From the Argentine Andes mountains we journey the final stint down to Mendoza metropolis in the famed Mendoza wine region. The Honda Transalp purrs away nicely on the winding mountains roads though at the maximum stage I could sense a overall performance change in the bike on this Andes journey via the across the peaks of South America. The Transalp as a dualsport bike is fantastic because on the way back from Argentina we’ll go offroad.

My title is Pedro Mota and I journey my trusty Honda Transalp bike about the planet. Me and Alp have been on the road now for over two decades and have ridden via over thirty nations around the world. This bike experience has taken us via Europe, the Center East, Central Asia, Russia, East Asia and Australia. Satisfy fantastic folks, see incredible spots. Be part of me on this motorcycle journey about the planet and encounter existence on the road.



  1. Hola Pedro, genial el viaje, que hermosas tomas en movimiento del camino y la cordillera.
    Espero que hayas llegado sin problemas,, aunque no va a faltar el Policía que te va a sacar un poco de plata, ya que son buenos para coimear al viajero o turista.
    Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.

  2. Hi Pedro, how are you doing? nice to see you riding across those lands. I did that crossing 38 years ago and the bus got stuck going up the Caracoles hhaa. Be careful with the argentinean POLICE, tell them that you don't carry cash with you, just credit cards ……. ride safe . Gus from Wales

  3. What a great video ! .Love the scenery is really breath taking ..Hey don't tell me you got a ticket Bro ?! I really envy you , just ride free against the wind , you can not ask for more in life

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