Motorbike Tour of Spain Portion 4 – The N-621 #Spain #vacation

Take note: THIS Video clip May NOT Participate in ON THE YOUTUBE Mobile App. OR Cellular phone BROWSER (i.e. Safari) BUT IT DOES Do the job ON LAPTOPS AND DESKTOP Personal computers. SORRY ABOUT THE INCONVENIENCE.

The hold out is more than and the tale carries on!

We depart Potes early in the morning to discover the to start with of the main roadways in the Picos, the N-621.

Points started out out very well, extra fantastic roadways and wonderful scenery, but then we strike the mountain ranges. As gorgeous as it was, the weather conditions was seriously terrible with perhaps 60ft of visibility if we have been blessed and relentless rain.

We pressed on and as we went down the other aspect of the mountain into a diverse “county” the sun arrived out but in trade for terrible tarmac…. we designed it get the job done thought. 😀

Video clip Contents:

– The normal faffing as we get ready to established off
– I have a chilly
– Petrol Station faffery
– A bit of hefty steel to shake the cobwebs off
– The weather conditions turns on us
– We regroup at the prime of the mountain
– Escape the clouds to find a crappy street floor
– a Caisey Neistat – esque time lapse )
– We quit for lunch and to soak up a bit of sun

– Outtake: F**k F**k F**K….. Focus!!!

Debonaire – Dope
Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sunlight

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Video clip Credit score to Phil “The Rainmaker”
Image Credit score to Nick “The Hobo (aka Vanguard Biker)


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  1. Too late for this one – but highly recommend NikWax Visor Proof –
    Most of the stuff on the market is 'snake oil', but the Nikwax stuff
    works quite well, silicon solution, idea being as you buff it onto the
    visor, after a few applications it layers – rain beads off.
    Have a dabble!

  2. Do you always ride like an idiot or was it especially for the camera? A few tips for you from an experienced motorcycle traveller; lose the (illegal) dark visor and you might be able to see where you're going! Lose the (illegal) endcan and you might not piss off as many locals are you undoubtedly do (and is it necessary to blip to the limiter for no apparent reason? What are you 6?) Finally, public roads are NOT a racetrack, I'd like to go back to the Picos without being tarred with the same brush as the anti-social menace that you undoubtedly are. All bikers are being picked on more and more by the Police because of idiots like you, just look at the "engaging positively with bikers" activity of the Police in South Wales every weekend. I don't see them out every day trying to catch the millions of car drivers using phones, just every weekend after all bikers because of people like you, who are ruining biking for ALL of us!

    If you actually knew what you were doing you'd probably get places quicker without having to ride like f*cking idiots.

  3. We've just come back. Four of us. Stayed in the Hostel Picos De Europa in the middle of Potes. Did you do the road out of Potes up to the cable car? 11 miles of pure awesomeness. long fast sweepers and then 17 euros return on the cable car . I will be trying to post some videos soon

  4. Hey, nice videos. Good editing. I've been to Spain two years ago, and now looking for a bike to go there again. And your buch of handsome basterds have all the bikes I'm deciding between – Street triple, Daytona675 and Duc 796. What bike would you choose to go back there? What tires (better in the wet (roadtec01) or dry (power RS))? Do you need a pinlock for the helmet visor?

  5. Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it. But one another note, the only real bike I saw in this video was the BMW 650, when you stopped for tea. Now you know what my riding ability is. Go slow and go far. Thanks again for the tour of Spain, I really, really enjoyed it.

  6. Nice set of videos BB! Bringing back memories, and creating more anticipation for my 2017 EuroTrip. 😀

    I notice you're using the Stealth 2. Can I ask how you've found it? I bought one, and love the size and form factor, but I'm having hella bad issues with the white balance shifting massively to yellow occasionally. Is this something you've experienced? Drift are not exactly forthcoming with their customer support, and I'm on the point of ditching it. But, if you've had good experiences, then I might persevere, because I do love everything else about it!

  7. Love the videos. You guys were nuts to head into all that cloud atop the mountains, should've gone coastal that day and done the 621 in the sun another day.

  8. great video dude, this series has got me hooked! planning a first time tour on the continent next year, think you could be swaying me which direction to head.. good to see some 'proper' riding too on sporty machines, no trundling gs's here! keep it up! just quick question, what tyres were you using? wanna find a trade off for sticky rubber and mileage

  9. Great vid as ever buddy! Sitting at home wanting to be on those roads in Spain, we are just planning our next trip to the Pyrenees in June, this time we are hiring 3 big vans with the bikes loaded in and driving down there to avoid the 600miles of riding on motorways we did last year and I'll be on the 959 so will be very glad not to have to ride there! Look forward to the next vid, cheers. GMAN

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