Motorbike Journey – Sardinia – Italy

A motorbike tour of 14 times to the island of sardinia (italy).

Date: seven – twenty september 2014
14 times – Driving 4500 km + 800 km by Ferry

Day Get started – End Distance(Km)
one Netherlands – Ottobeuren (Germany) 667
2 Ottobeuren (Germany) – Ponte di Legno (Italy) 321
three Ponte di Legno (Italy) – Ferry Genua – Olbia 419
4 Ferry Genua (Italy) – Ferry Olbia (Italy, Sardinia) 410
Ferry Genua – Olbia – Alghero (Italy, Sardinia) 256
five Alghero (Italy, Sardinia) – Alghero (Italy, Sardinia) 238
6 Alghero (Italy, Sardinia) – Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) 231
seven Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) – Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) 236
8 Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) – Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) 208
9 Aritzo (Italy, Sardinia) – Bari Sardo (Italy, Sardinia) 286
10 Bari Sardo (Italy, Sardinia) – Bari Sardo (Italy, Sardinia) 170
11 Bari Sardo (Italy, Sardinia) – Ferry Genua – Olbia 231
Ferry Olbia (Italy, Sardinia) Ferry Genua (Italy) 410
12 Ferry Genua (Italy) – Piotta (Switzerland) 438
thirteen Piotta (Switzerland) – Schönbronn (Germany) 378
14 Schönbronn (Germany) – Netherlands 499
total length 5398 km

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BMW, R1200GS, Triumph Explorer XC, MTVN, Neede, Berkelland,
Ottobeuren, Austria, Italy, hahntennjoch pass,
ferry Genoa to Olbia, Genova, Sardinia, Sardegna, Olbia, Umbrail Pass, Stelvio Pass, Stelvio, passo stelvio,
Basilica di Saccargia,Passo del Tonale, Tonale Pass, Roccia dell’Elefante, Elephant Rock, Castelsardo, Argentiera,
Nuraghe Santu Antine, St Clare Dam, Diga Santa Chiara, Simplon Pass, Nufenen Pass, Passo della Novena,
Monteleone Rocca Doria, Piotta, Klausen Pass, Schönbronn, Supramonte di baunei,
Santuario nuragico di Santa Cristina, Mores.
Cagliari,money, island of Sardinia,
Bari, Bari Sardo, Gotthard Pass, motorbike, motorfiets, motorrad, Sardinie, Sardinië, motorvakantie, italie, italien, italia,
Rheinbrücke Diessenhofen–Gailingen


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