MOST Perilous Portion of Johannesburg, South Africa

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  1. "Still feel it quite strongly"? WTF, why were you not shown the other parts of JHB, the Africans living in their mantions and estates,driving their BMW's and MERC's, were you told about BEE, the taking of land, the mass murder of white farmers, you better get the other side of the story as well

  2. would love to see this guy to strike out on his own without a guide- drive your own rental at night, make friends in Soweto, and please use an ATM, especially in view of your new pals- typical millennial tourist- two weeks and its all figured out-

  3. Not to be negative, but why is "Africa" always South Africa? South Africa sounds great, but I'm not sure why it and a handful of other countries are the only ones to get any love.

  4. Just done a couple of weeks work in Johannesburg and the place is a shit hole. We were staying in a house surrounded by barbed wire and unable to leave it. The only time we could leave was when we were driven to work. Horrible, horrible place.

  5. Great video Nick, IMO you're the best travel vlogger on youtube. I appreciate how you're interested in seeing beyond the tourist spots and you're not afraid to show the harder aspects of the places you visit.

  6. I did this exact trip half a year ago. If you are driving all the way down, our favourite part by far was Sani Pass, don't miss it! You can make it a day trip but we stayed one night up there and it was epic. Let me know if you want more details

  7. Im South African but Hillbrow won’t see anytime soon. Years ago yes now nope.
    Have a great time in South Africa
    Yes our country still has a lot of healing, fixing to do. And for those spreading nonsense CRIME AFFECTS ALL SOUTH AFRICANS NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE

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