Most effective sites to drink in Munich | The Craft Beer Channel #Germany #vacation

Lager won’t get substantially better than it does in Munich, so Jonny explores the town to find the greatest sites to get a little something crisp, tasty and refreshing. And he is blown absent by what is on provide.

Showcased in this video:
Augustinerbrau Helles
Paulaner Munchen Hell
Schneider Weiss Faucet six “Unser Aventinus”
Camba Marzen
Paulaner Hefeweiss

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  1. I live in München and I will give you an advice, if you want visit here and drink beer. DON'T GO TO BIERGARTEN OR ANY FUCKING PLACE SHOWED HERE! Go to drinks Market (called Getränkemarkt in Germany) and you can buy every type of bavarian beer that you want. And for less than 1 Euro per half litter bottle (not 4-5 EUR that you pay in the Biergarten)

  2. Hey mate, come to my hometown "Bayreuth", it doesnt only has the most brewerys in the nearer regions (over 200), it also has a resturant/pub that was openend up by a family friend and owner of a big brewery in Bayreuth, it has the biggest varierty of beers in any local of the world (over 250 from all over the world). So if you love fancy beer drive up there. They also offer a trip threw the old brewery with intresting stuff.
    P.s. best one ist the "Bayreuther Hell"

  3. Awesome video! I'm going back to Munich for my second Oktoberfest, and I'm definitely going to go try the Aventinus! Sounds amazing! Also hoping to hit the first place you featured, and the English Garden. Cheers! Great content. Short, fun, informative, and to the pint!

  4. Great vid, but i cant believe you didnt include Hacker Pschorr in your tour.Easily the finest lager to drink in Munich. Nothing compares to a cold, fresh Hacker Pschorr in the Viktualenmarkt on a warm day.

  5. You should also try the beer by Unertl. They make also really good beer and even if Camba Bavaria are making carft beer (and of of the best in Europe) they make it traitionally and you should make a whole video about them

  6. In munich there are a lot good places to drink and to enjoy beers, especialy lager (Helles) and wheatbeers (Weißbier). So you made a good choice with the brewerys you visited. I can say that, cause i live here in munich. But i have to add one fact, the "Aventinus" is a "Weizenbock". It has a gravity of 18% and only beers with a gravity of 16% and more are allowed to be called "bock" in germany. Besides the beer is fermented by the same wheatbeer yeast like all the other wheatbeers of schneider.
    So, i have one little fun-fact for you, if you order a beer with "Ein Bier, bitte" you get nearly in whole germany a pilsner beer, but in bavaria you will get a "helles" and only in bavaria you can order a "Weißbier", cause everywhere else they wont understand what you want. Sorry for the long text .. Good video!

  7. Awesome tips for drinking in Munich. My friends and I tried the Schneider Weiss Tap 6 "Unser Aventinus" and "Meine Hoffweisse" and they were the best bear we have ever tasted. Thanks for the help!

  8. It would be great if you would speak louder and clearer, and not blast horrible music at full volume in between segments. Also, closed captioning would be appreciated, as it is really, really, hard to understand what you are saying.

  9. Aventinus isn't a lager. It's a weizenbock, which just means a bock strength hefeweizen.

    Marzen is the old Oktoberfest standard beer, and it's what most people outside of Germany expect with an Oktoberfest. The modern Festbier is a different, golden beer invented by Paulaner in the 70s and made standard at Oktoberfest in the 90s.

  10. Augistiner isnt even the best beer in Munich.. should have gone to the Andechs place near MaienPlatz.. also if you want the BEST Helles in Munich then it really has to be Tegernsee you only scratched the surface Johnny

  11. Next time you are in Munich you need to try out the Aventinus Eisbock at the Weisses Bräuhaus. To produce this they use the usual Aventinus and than freeze it. The circumstance that the water freezes first allows the brewers to seperate parts of the water from the rest rest of the beer. The result is a very strong beer with a great taste which goes best with sweet desserts.
    Plus you have to check out the Brauerei am Eiswerk which is an independent microbrewery of Paulaner. They brew a huge variety of very delicious beer and they really know what they are doing. Definetly a place to check out!

  12. If you ever come to Munich again, make sure you visit the Forschungsbrauerei! It's a very small brewery, but they make (in my humble opinion) the best beer in Munich (and I live right next to it)!
    Located in Perlach, in the outskirts of Munich.

  13. Lagers are fermented at cold temperatures with cold loving yeast strains that produce clean beers with very little ale-like fruity character. Aventinus is not a lager at all, as it is fermented with warm loving ale/wheat yeast that provides a complex, fruity character.

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