Monthly bill Burr – The Sauna Tale from the Monday Morning Podcast #Germany #travel

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  1. I suppose i am not American. At 17 i joined the army, went straight to Germany and i was exposes to all of this and didn't think it was weird at all, i think most people are just closed minded. In 2001 when i was 17 i drank legally, smoked pot legally, went to nude resorts with coed saunas….. heck even when i was on my tour in iraq we had coed showers with foreign military.

  2. Good stuff. I love the cold bath outside a hot sauna. You gotta stay in for at least a minute or two until you can no longer feel that it's cold. Then, you kinda go out-of-body. Then…right back into the sauna!

  3. I tried several times to fuck my girlfriend in a sauna, but it was next to impossible to maintain an erection letalone fucking.! Also, we both dripping with sweat and I saw a gallon or so drip into her open mouth and eyes…  I found it hillarious, shé didn't.!  :))

  4. At least this happened while you were an adult. I lived in German as kid, no one told me, and I opened the door. Old naked dude balls, chicks, tits, and hair. All looking at me. Will never forgive it. Like the first time seeing German porn.

  5. Id love to visit one of those or any nudist place but I have a pimply ass and its gross. You know those guys with pizza faces? Well my face is clear and clean but I have a pizza ass…

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