Mom Surprised With First Trip Abroad To Italy On 60th Birthday

A loving mother was brought to a fit of hysterics when she was surprised on her 60th birthday with her first-ever trip abroad – which happened to be the very next day. Dorothy Dominioni, 60, initially thought her daughter, Nicole Pokorny Forster, 35, and Nicole’s husband, Charles Forster, 38, were treating her to a daytrip to Canada from their apartment in New York. Dorothy, known as Dot, was delighted with the idea, as she had never been to Niagara Falls and was looking forward to her first trip abroad. But in their New York apartment on November 6, Nicole and Charles had an even bigger surprise planned. As Dot – who had packed for Canada – opened her remaining birthday presents, she began to realize something was up. Each gift formed a clue to the real surprise, first opening a money belt, then a flight travel kit and on the final gift read a note ‘not Canada the country.’ As she unwrapped the gift she realized it was a travel book of Rome, with the explanation ‘Canada’ was really Hotel Canada in the Italian capital. It was then that Nicole and Charles also broke the news to Dot that family and friends also combined for her spending money – and that they’d be leaving the very next day.


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