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Mittenwald in Germany is a Bavarian town near the Austrian border. Located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen is lies on the way to Innsbruck in Austria with a dramatic backdrop of the northern Alps.

Mittenwald is relatively small with a population of just around 7000 people. The town has a notable violin manufacturing and a museum. Tourists visit Mittenwald from the neighbouring skiing places with several nice hikes in the area and also for the colorfully painted houses.

We start our tour at the train station and walk into the town centre. Tourists enjoy the fall afternoon having a coffee and cake. We see the town back and forth on the main street, pass the Peter and Paul church and then more residential are with nice houses all around.

0:00 Train Station
1:20 Towards the Town Centre
6:00 Mittenwald Town Centre – Obermarkt Southern Direction
12:00 Mittenwald Town Centre – Obermarkt Northern Direction
17:30 Northern Mittenwald
25:40 Around the Violin Museum
28:50 Outer Town Centre

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