Minute cruise ship in Venice collides with tourist boat, dock caught on digital camera

The minute a cruise ship in Venice collided with a tourist boat and dock on Sunday, June two, 2019 was caught on digital camera bit by bit lodging itself concerning the dock and boat.

At the very least 4 people have been still left wounded next the collision.

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  1. Radio: "Captain, we have to let you go, it cost too much to employ you and we can get captains cheaper elsewhere".
    Voice in the backround on that same radio call: " Did you wait to tell the captain untill he has docked about his redundancy" ?
    Radio is interrupted by a loud horn in harbour !

  2. Two used slightly damaged ships for sale. A few light scratches down the side with a few holes from parking a accident. A few strips of duct tape, bubblegum for the holes and some paint and it will look as good as new. Buyer will have to bring their own crew and captain to run the ships.

  3. But Officer, he was trying to take my parking spot… The bad part is, all those tourists on boats that can no longer be used until accident inspections.

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