Military HOUSING IN GRAFENWÖHR GERMANY | Household TOUR | Government Furnishings #Germany #journey

THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! On put up housing.

We finally obtained to shift into our new dwelling yesterday! Make sure you transform on your put up notification so you don’t overlook out from any of my films!

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Besos, y abrazos.

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  1. Is it like 1980s still or 1990s where left dogs outside in rain. Than it is not good if anything anyone have some left dogs in the weather year round. Good not have pets in all shouldn't can handle it all. Best or pets and too them that not can't handle it all. And on the end up shelters. What is already over lot it is.

  2. No washing machine or dryer looks like that in a normal German home. We use front-loading washing machines and dryers. Also funny how they appareantly imported the stove (no german stove looks like that) and that it is made by Frigidaire, the US branch of a German company called Electrolux.
    Sadly, you didn't get a taste of the German 'Rollladen' shutters that are usually on the outside of every window.
    Edit: and noone would ever use paper plates and plastic forks in Germany for daily use because of the environment.

  3. If you don't already know, these valves at 7:35 are the shut-off taps for hot and cold water in your bathroom. You will probably also find similar shut-off taps under the sink in the kitchen and in the room where your washing machine is. They are used to turn off the water supply in an emergency or e.g. when a faucet needs to be replaced.

  4. You should have you husband paint the walls! My wife made me and it’ll actually make the place feel more home like, there should be a place on base you can get free paint from they have certain paints you have to pick from but it’s worth it I believe

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