Microsoft HoloLens Holotour a temporary sojourn in Peru & Rome

If any of the HoloLens apps belie the limitation of the present HoloLens FOV it is the Holotour app, there is very little erroneous with the articles for every se or the pursuits mixing VR with 360 degree movie , it’s just that this is an app that would get the job done better on a FOV2GOVR HMD, though verify out some of my adventures in Peru and Rome through #HoloLens . With better use of spatial mapping instead of 360 degree movie though … this could be beautiful as properly as useful/educational. Also using the HoloLens TO the genuine destinations and overlaying holograms would be epic … which is the way I would do it … ( and will be carrying out it in my personal HoloLens apps)


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