Michael Jackson – Record Tour In Munich (ZDF High definition) (Remastered) #Germany #vacation

Michael Jackson – Record Tour In Munich (ZDF High definition) (Remastered)
01. Scream
02. They Will not Care About Us
03. In The Closet
04. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
05. Stranger In Moscow
06. Sleek Prison
07. You Are Not By itself
08. The Jackson five Medley
I Want You Back again
The Like You Conserve
I’ll Be There
09. Billie Jean
ten. Thriller
11. Defeat It
twelve. Blood On The Dance Floor
thirteen. Dangerous
14. Black Or White
15. Earth Song
sixteen. Heal The Environment
seventeen. Record




  1. At their last Australian tours people were paying $150 to $250 per ticket to see Adele, Pink, FooFighters etc… if he were alive today and came to Australia, I don't think there is a figure I wouldn't pay to see MJ!!!

  2. Truley the greatest there was and there ever will be michael jackson made the music industrey what it is today well up to early late 2000s as music is so shit now. But is such musical legend best enteraner of all time nicest persion ever with heart of gold. And i would trade all these newbies for him back in a heart beat expect dua lipa cos she's so fuckin hot. But michael domintaed the music scene for 3 decades.

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