Mendoza Travel guide – Argentina pure beauty

Mendoza Travel guide – Argentina pure beauty

Mendoza is a province in the Cuyo region of Argentina. It is located at the center-west of the country, bordered in the north with the San Juan province, in the east with San Luis and La Pampa provinces, in the south with Neuquén province and in the west with Chile, the Andes mountain range being the natural border.

It is located 1,098 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, and only 380 kilometers away from Santiago de Chile, the Chilean capital city. This province is an important tourist destination in Argentina. It has one of the most important ski resorts in Argentina, the most famous vineyards and wine producers (internationally recognized), the highest peak in the American Continent, and beautiful places to visit.

The Aconcagua, the highest peak in America and the Western Hemisphere (6,959.6 meters over the sea) is located near the capital city. Because of this, an important number of mountain climbers arrive to this city each year, and provide a market on its own. Note that during low season, tourists are allowed to take only a short hike. High season begins on November 15th. Even towns that cater to tourists near Aconcagua have limited information about hiking, and it seems that hiking in the National Park is discouraged unless one hires a guide. Nonetheless, the roads in this area are famed for their scenery, especially RN 7, which connects the city of Mendoza, the entrance to the Aconcagua Park, and Chile. The surrounding scenery is well worth the drive.

Cities of Mendoza

Mendoza (Capital city)
Godoy Cruz
Lujan de Cuyo – major wine making city
Punta de Vacas
San Rafael – second most important city in the province

Mendoza is a city in western Argentina, in the desert Cuyo region. Mendoza is the center of the Argentinian wine industry, for which it is world renowned. It is also near the Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. Although it is situated in an extremely dry desert region, Mendoza has an extensive artificial irrigation system, which allows for greenery throughout the city as well as the growth of grapes used to make its wines. Most streets have irrigation channels on either side, with bridges for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These are periodically flooded with water diverted from the river. The app 80,000 trees and the wide avenues give the city a beautiful ambience, a change from much of the bare feel of many Argentine cities.

A lot to see in Mendoza such as :

Uco Valley
General San Martín Park
Cerro de la Gloria
Plaza Independencia, Mendoza
Museo del Área Fundacional
Caminos del Vino
Mercado Central
Plaza España
Plaza Chile
Plaza Pedro del Castillo
Ruinas Jesuíticas de San Francisco
Army of the Andes Monument
Plaza San Martin
Central Park
Museo del Pasado Cuyano
Museo de Ciencias Naturales y Antropológicas Juan Cornelio Moyano
Bodega Los Toneles
Fountain of the Continents
Mendoza Holidays Wine Tours
Paseo Peatonal
Parque Gral. San Martín – Portones
Ministerio De Transporte
Glory Hill Monument
Paseo La Alameda
Bed and Breakfast Plaza Italia
General San Martín Historic Museum
Acuario Municipal
Marly horses
ENJOY Mendoza Casino
Parque Cívico
Plaza Italia
Paseo Aristides
Regency Casino Mendoza
Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte
Divisadero Largo Mendoza
Museo Fundacional
Flag’s Memorial
Carlos Alonso Museum. Stoppel House
Zanjón Frías
O’Higgins Park
Basílica San Francisco
Hyatt Casino
Memorial Bandera Del Ejercito De Los Andes

( Mendoza – Argentina ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Mendoza . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Mendoza – Argentina

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