MENDOZA DAY TRIP: High Mountain Tour of THE ANDES in Argentina ⛰️

Come join us on day trip from Mendoza, Argentina as we take a high mountain tour of the Andes. After several days spent touring wineries and vineyards, and sampling our fair share of wine, we decided it was time to see a bit more of Mendoza, so we booked a full-day excursion to the High Mountains to get a taste of the Andes. In this video, we’ll be visiting the natural wonder of the Inca Bridge, gazing at Aconcagua which is the highest peak in the Americas, and trying not to get blown off the mountain at Christ Redeemer on the border with Chile. This was a high altitude excursion and our bodies were definitely feeling it, but we’ll do our best to show you what the province of Mendoza has to offer once you leave the vineyards in the rearview mirror.

Our first stop of the day was at the Potrerillos Dam which sits on the Mendoza River at 1380 (thirteen hundred and eighty) metres above sea level. We had been driving about an hour when we got here, so we enjoyed a quick stop to snap some photos and also stretch our legs. From there, we continued onwards to the town of Uspallata which was another hour away.

Once we arrived in Uspallata, we had some free time to walk around. The tour had started very early so we were desperate for breakfast, and went in search of coffee and a quick bite. Others enjoyed a little stroll through town, but it was still quite early in the day so not many businesses were open.

From Uspallata, we drove another hour along Route 7 enjoying dramatic mountain landscapes and passing through small villages and hamlets, until we reached our next stop: the Inca Bridge.

We then stopped at the Aconcagua Lookout Point right along Route 7. On a clear day, you can see the peak of the highest point in the Americas, and we got pretty lucky with the weather that day! For any of you visiting by car with a bit more time, the entrance to Aconcagua Provincial Park is right next to the lookout, and there are multiple trails should you be in the mood for some trekking. Our tour just stopped for photos, but this is a place where the mountains beckon, so maybe give yourself more time here.

We then drove on to the village of Las Cuevas and began the climb towards Christ Redeemer of the Andes, which sits on the border between Chile and Argentina at a rather dizzying height…and we were feeling it!

After visiting Christ Redeemer, we started our descent into Las Cuevas where we had a lunch stop. Lunch is not included in this tour, so you either have to pack your own, or you can eat at one of the few restaurants in the village. Meals are simple and quick. We got some empanadas and some French fries since none of us had a big appetite at that altitude.

Las Cuevas was the final stop of our High Mountain tour, so this is where we did a u-turn and started the 3-hour drive back to Mendoza. But let’s fast forward to the next day so we can actually sit down and share some of our thoughts and impressions.

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MENDOZA DAY TRIP: High Mountain Tour of THE ANDES in Argentina ⛰️:

Hey guys! We are Samuel and Audrey, a travel vlogging couple from Canada. In this travel channel we share our travel and food vlogs while touring the world.

We had the privilege of traveling around Argentina for nearly 3 months from January- April 2019 on a trip covering a large section of the country.

To finish off our trip in Argentina, we spent more time in the capital and later Mendoza where we got to experience wine tourism to its fullest extent. Overall, we had an amazing time travelling around Argentina having only scratched the surface of this vast and diverse country.

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  3. Do you think the viewer experience would be enhanced if you said something a little more than "This wine tastes great!" Surely if you have any idea what you are talking about you could at least identify why? Have you heard of things likefruit, wood and tannins. Otherwise its just a waste even referring to the wine.

  4. I'm just hunkered down at home over the weekend dreaming my future trip. I'd like to visit Southern America someday! Your travel video always helps me get useful ideas for my future possible trip!♥

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