MELTDOWN from South African leftists as Afriforum tours Usa

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  1. Long after all the whites have left South Africa or have been murdered these blacks will be begging the white man to come back! hen we whites will think back to all of this and say after what you have done you can go to hell for what you did!

  2. I'm an American grandmother and only know about the farm murders from YouTube. I hear nothing about this on mainstream media. I have tried to tell my family and friends about it and they don't believe me, call me racist or just don't care. They think that the whites persecuted the blacks in Africa and that this is why they are getting murdered, as if they deserve this. Oh this makes me furious!

  3. Pieter du toit is a jingo Afrikaaner who peddles fake news and has been hauled into court numerous times on this very thing. Which is why he is the perfect sellout for huff post. The biggest mistake these blacks are making is thinking that whites keeping quite is a sign of submission. Wrong blacks. We are quite because we are preparing. Bring it on terrorists!!

  4. Why farmers are being murdered?? I know why most of them are taking advantage of farm workers. I have been around white farmers and their attitude is very bad towards black people.

  5. The fact is that farmers torturing black farm workers is the myth. In the racist Marxist South Africa that shit would be all over the news. The truth is farmers do not torture their workers. Provide evidence. But we have 4000 bits of evidence and photos on the satanic vile terrorist nature of the most evil people on this planet the black South African male.

  6. Dude I know campus culture man. It's a liberal cesspool, doesn't matter which college or university you go to, especially in the humanities( fucking man hating feminist kingdom). The commies have infiltrated the way the youth think, cause it's the mainstream way to think nowadays. Bullshit multiculturalism . No wonder she'll sell out on her own people since it appease the libtard majority. #Conservatismisthenewcounterculture

  7. Willem, I must ask a favor. If you know or meet a woman in South Africa named Caitlin O'Brien, please tell her someone she knew from UCSC is concerned for her safety and that she should return to the US or at least leave immediately if the situation worsens. She is a young white female, attractive, tanned, petite build, about 5'2 or 5'3, with brown hair and always wears it in a braid, and is a graduate in 2013. It is absolutely important.

  8. It is hard to see your own people sell you out- As a conservative all my life I got used to losing politically. But I always get to say 'I told you so'
    In a situation where you are fighting for your life – the last ling you are is a liberal. It is only a sickness found in a fluffy comfortable environment

  9. These murders are in isolated areas with little to no to little police presence. They are easy targets for criminals. And that's the bottom line. They are not targeted because they are white. And if you truly believe that, well then I'm sorry to let you know, you probably got some backwards mentality and belong back in the 1940.

  10. Willem, sadly commando system wont help, they will just get funded better and start a proxy war on the out skirts which will be a faster collapse of this whole system, and they will have us to blame, now they see we cant be provoked, so they slowly boil the frog. mathematically its 8% whites, of 50% is male, and 30% is in fighting capacity. we have no chance, we didn't want to fight in 1993 and we don't want to fight in 2018, those that do are stupid and ignorant, I know we all love this place, but u cant enjoy it when your dead. So I'm out the first chance and possible opportunity to realize it, without being a burden to another country

  11. The leftist are in no way interested in "equality", it's all about the elimination of the westerners and Christian/Conservative values, thus the Marxists have less resistance. That is why they so easily turn against black conservative people or black people thinking for themselves, that is why everyone can be proud except for white Europeans (that is racists). That is why Islam is praised but Christianity is ridiculed. Resist, stand tall, stand proud. Defend the gospel of Christ! This is what Paul meant when he said, in the last days there will be many anti-christs.

  12. Go to the facebook page of the companies in question and demand to know why they retain the services of disgusting people like Cinman et al.
    This is a common practice of the left it is time we used their own medicine against them.

  13. The Afrikaner Boers of South Africa need to respond to the changes of South Africa. Silke Kaiser has proven that 100 percent of farm attacks have an inside person, usually the most trusted farm worker. The Boers need to change by going to the displacement camps and find labor to replace these workers with connections to the murder squads. They will not have to provide much to improve the living conditions of these people and they will stop the murders coming from the inside.

  14. It's okay for every other race to be nationalist except for white people. This white privilege narrative is also nonsense as if they did not benefit from getting jobs, roads, a stable food supply and heath care. Their population growth tells a different story, hardly a story of severe suffering. I think it's time the white man stopped giving, they should stop all foreign aid as well.

  15. The funny thing is his PayPal actually states, "SEND MONEY TO WILLEM"
    Willem Petzer, please do care to share with us how much money you have received.

  16. The anthem of the political elite in south Africa is 'kill the Boer (the farmer)'.

    South African farmers are murdered at a higher rate than any other occupation in the world.

    really makes you think…

  17. Why not address the problem at its routes. Which it the inequality that still exist today. And of cause all you racist still living in the country. Why not just go to Australia and stop fucking crying about how bad you think you got it. Open you eyes and stop being so fucking self involved. It's always all about you, you, you

  18. Willem, you are the greatest. The only reason I`m still on Facebook is to keep in touch with my South Afrian friends, but nobody amongst them seems to think that what is happening in RSA is a problem. So are Lauren Southern and Kathrin Hopkins exaggerating? At last somebody in SA is telling us what is happening. My wife and I and our 2 little children left South Africa for Germany in 1999 and today the whore of Soros and sons has imorted everything we were fleeing from to Germany, but at least the children are now grownup young ladies and now that Im retired and cant go elsewhere no more, seeing what is happening in SA now makes me think we chose the right moment to leave.

  19. The Huffpost is nothing more than a Marxist propaganda publication for the whiny, low IQ sub humans and the Jingo afrikaner who sells out his fellow brethren for the scraps from the main table of communism thinking they are "progressive".

  20. It is ALL Straightforward! There IS white genocide mounting up and NEW boycotts and unconditional sanctions will be restored to South Africa. ALL the Whites, Asians and mixed race people will leave the country and the United States and Australia will boycott South Africa and South Africans from ever coming to these countries as punishment. The two countries taking action against South Africa will take lead in the World to influence other countries outside the African Continent to treat South Africa like Iran and North Korea.

  21. Fan Girl – please post source. Using these farm murders to fit your own backward agenda is almost has but as the murders itself. Anyone in line with this is sick to the core!!!

  22. The media are crazy in that country, even the hosts of talk shows are one sided. I have seen Alex Jones report on this and Avi Yemini in Australia + one of the MP's. Lauren Southern, Red Ice TV and places like that, keep building allies and get the real message out. Even my country has been telling half truths about this.

  23. All you are doing is regurgitating what some other fool said. No proof to back up your claim. Please don't sensationalize such terrible act with false truths and twist it to suit your own agenda. Shame on you all!!!

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