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Dubai is on a mission: to become to top tourist destination on the planet. This Emirate has almost tripled its coast line, by building a palm-shaped city at sea. Now Dubai plans to put itself firmly on the map by recreating the world, three hundred man-made islands constructed out in the Arabian gulf. It’s the biggest reclamation project ever undertaken. The world can only be built of natural elements they demand by the shape. But it must define nature’s most destructive force: the sea. Engineers will battle against time and nature to create this man-made wonder visible from space. But will this creation of this mega structure push Dubai to the limit?

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  1. The only sensible conclusion from this enterprise is that obviously they know that there is no sea level rise. Big dreams from people who are too rich and are loonie tunes. I guess that all the boat wash will wash the sand back to the sea……And it's all come to a halt now. Anyway, creating such a labour intensive impractical construction is hardly clever. It contradicts all practical sense.

  2. And yeah it might hold out for a while..but mother nature will always win against human construction always does..especially on unstable sand..and the highly corrosive environment.

  3. So what's the point?…Yeah they have money and like to show it off..La Dee Dah..The true mark of nice people and a great civilization is what's contained within their soul and spirit and NOT by how much they have in their pockets?

  4. What total fucking insanity. What the world doesn't need is another Zanadu for the mega-wealthy. Mankind is blowing all it reserves on entertaining fucking billionaires with slave labor and grossing huge profits for themselves with endless wars while half the world lives in poverty. By the time the follies of the rich are over it will probably be too late to save the human race.
    ''Human greed, with no respect for the rights of other species or even for our fellow human beings, is at the root of this pandemic and future pandemics. A global economy based on the illusion of limitless growth translates into a limitless appetite for the earth’s resources, which in turn translates into limitless violation of planetary boundaries, ecosystem boundaries and species boundaries.
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