Megastructures Burj Al Arab clip9

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Excessive Engineering Deepest area on Earth | Gold Mine – Megastructures (2018 Documentary)

Journey to the deepest area on Earth Johannesburg South Africa’s Mponeng Gold Mine. South Africa’s economy depends on gold but not long ago productiveness has plummeted. Now Mponeng is preventing again by digging deeper than gentleman has ever long gone in the direction of an untapped gold reef really worth $10 billion. Setting a new […]

15 Insane Issues You Only See In Dubai

15 Luxurious & Insane Issues You Only See in Dubai Issues you failed to know about Dubai: Luxury Motor vehicle Graveyard: Ideal Eating places in Dubai: Ideal Nightclubs in Dubai: Ideal Lodges in Dubai: Most Pricey Issues in Dubai: Howdy Aluxers, you fellas now know that Dubai is a single of our beloved metropolitan areas […]

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