Meet Venice Beach's Underground Surf Royalty | Venice Then And Now, Ep. 1

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Quick: name the best surfer to ever come out of Venice Beach, California. If you said, “Venice has never produced good surfers,” you’re wrong. Despite having, uh, variable, wave conditions, Venice’s unique culture makes it a cradle for creative talent, whether in surfing, skating, or various types of art. In this episode, we get to know legendary surfer Rick Massie and learn about what it’s like to take on the WQS without sponsors. We also check in with the next generation in the form of up and coming grom, Noah Hill. Venice might not be known for its waves, but it’s still an amazing place to be a surfer.

Meet Venice Beach’s Underground Surf Royalty | Venice Then And Now, Ep. 1
Director: Jamie Tierney
Producer: Jamie Tierney

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  1. Yeah I’m still competing and I’ve had to grow up watching kids who aren’t half as good as me their parents buy them onto teams and they fucking suck!! I’ve had to fight tooth and nail my whole surf career to get to the spot I’m at. I know it doesn’t matter and I’m just happy to surf but I do enjoy competing so I have to deal with it lol is what it is

  2. Unfortunately, that's how surfing was back in the sixties and seventies. Morons surfers that couldn't hold a job, smoke pot all day and never amounted to anything other than a select few that were blonde hair and blue eyes. If you were better than them, they wanted to kick your ass. Real sportsmanship.That's one of the reason I gave up surfing for a few decades. Back surfing, but now I can afford to travel to Costa Rica, Maldives and wherever else. While the moron local surfers are "Old Rat Bastards" now and can't even fix their car(s), pay there bills or hold a relationship for more than a few months. Some bonehead commented regarding "Brown and Down" ….Idiot! In other sports there is a rating system. Like black Diamond run in snow skiing, ranking levels for most other sports. Surfing is one of the best sport of all times. We need to get rid of the darkside. With stupid people nothing is accomphished. Just stupidity!!

  3. Idiot says ‘I am not a trust fund baby it is hard to make ends meet,’ what a bunch of BS, this is the United States if you learn a trade or go to school and actually learn something that will contribute to financial success and then combine that with hard work.

  4. I used to live in a rooming house on Venice beach. It was rough, with ancient rustic hippie stuff. Just a saggy bed, a paper bag full of t shirts, a cheap guitar. I didn't even bother to lock it.

  5. Hi all you cute sexy surfers out there! I'm jeff kaplan.  I am looking for a gay man with a big hairy cock to ram up my abused ass hehe!  Hit me up if you live in the southbay area Redondo beach, Hermosa beach or Manhattan beach. I'm so dam horny for some cock yum yum!  hehe yayyy

  6. Aggro kooks reliving the past. Anybody who passes this behavior down to the new kids surfing today are doing them a huge disservice. Have fun, make friends, travel more, and never take surfing too seriously. 99% of the surf in Los Angeles is not even remotely worth fighting over. Not even close

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